Huawei P9 Charger

Huawei has announced in recent days his new P9 in both with 5.2-inch diagonal display that”Plus” version with 5.5 inch display. On the sidelines of the presentation we’ve got to have a first contact with these new devices that share many hardware features including the new processor HiSilicon Kirin 955 and the dual rear engineered in collaboration with Leica who also cared for the revamped interface. After trying for several days the “smaller” we are ready for our full review.

Hardware, Materials and ergonomics:

In the box of the model that we had from Huawei, reserved for the journalists who attended the presentation in London, there is a rapid charger from 2A output, a data cable USB/USB Type-C, a conventional headset with answer button and one pin to eject the SIM drawer in nano size and microSD to expand the integrated memory disk. In the package should be present also a protective cover. See Beautyphoon for instant cell phone charger. Continue reading

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Apple iWatch Rumor Roundup

As we have written in a special article for iWatch, the long-awaited smart watch Apple’s long been a media star, although it is not known whether this will be his name, much less know whether it exists. Along with all this information fog broke and deafening cacophony of rumors, fabrications nonsense, fortune telling, logical assumptions and even satirical creations. This led to the presentation of iWatch, but a joke. It is a parody, created by the same comedians who last year created the famed humorous video presentation of the Apple iPhone 5s.

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The World’s Cheapest Smartphone: $7

Who ever said that buying a new smartphone necessarily requires a substantial outlay of money? If you think so, indiana Ringing Bells is ready to change his mind. Tomorrow, February 17, will be officially announced Freedom 251, a smartphone created within the Government “Make in India” to be proposed on the market priced at Rs. 500, equivalent to just $ 7 according to Wholesaleably.

The cost of manufacturing the device is currently not known – Ringing Bells brings it in the coming days, guaranteed – but it is certain that much of this will be covered by the Indian Government to stimulate the production of mobile devices within national borders, in order to enable the entire population to connect to the network as envisaged in the vision of Prime Minister Narenda Modi. Continue reading

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Vintage Smartphone

The series Notes from Samsung is much appreciated by the most demanding users and contributed to the growth of the market of “phablet”, inevitably affecting the other manufacturers and a tendency to offer devices with bigger screens.

However, many high-end alternatives with Stylus and real notes feature, so that Samsung today has a monopoly in this market segment. LG Vu models and the LG G stylus she tried, these terminals have never been actual competitors because it does not belong to the same price range of Samsung notes series. Continue reading

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Effect of Cellphone in Pregnancy

Cellphone in pregnancy: here are the possible risks for mother and baby! The use of mobile phones is sometimes impeached about its possible dangers, while regarding the negative effects of mobile phones during pregnancy, in fact some studies have recently been put to test the possible risks of exposure to these devices for the fetus and the mother. Let us see what can be!

Mobile phones have now changed the habits of most of us and today these devices are considered indispensable tools for everyday life. For nine out of 10 women on cell phone or smartphone is an everyday object to be used anytime, anywhere. But have you ever thought about the possible effects of mobile phone on the fetus and pregnant? A recent study involving mothers who borrowed his cell phone, has shown that the rings of these devices may frighten and wake the baby, or can make it move. According to the findings from these studies, the fetus in the belly is disturbed only by the vibration of the phone or the ring. Continue reading

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Samsung Galaxy Tablet Charger

At the end of October, Samsung has officially announced its new Galaxy View, a tablet with a18.4 inch display from ben, a true “multimedia entertainment center” that can be placed in different contexts both consumer and business.

The media are central to the experience of using this device based on Android OS version 5.1 Lollipop customised by Samsung with a user interface similar to the one we have seen on other devices the range Galaxy. Continue reading

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What is 4G LTE

Defined by, 4G is short for “fourth generation” and represents the fourth generation of mobile communication standard. The standard, established by International Telecommunication Union, provides transfer speeds to 100 megabits per second.

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Meizu Made in Which Country

The prolific microblogging site Weibo, unofficial source image is often leaked incoming terminals, which often prove to be true, but not always. Emblematic the case a few hours ago, on an alleged image of iPhone Plus 7 (you can see in the headroom) that has been around the web in no time.

Now comes the official denial from the VP of Meizu, Li Nan, who is keen to point out how the image actually monsters Meizu Pro 6, and not the next iPhone 7. To remove all doubt, also publishes a new photo that no longer leaves room for interpretation, clarifying the matter. Continue reading

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Z5 Compact Marshmallow Battery

Sony has updated a few weeks its line of smartphones “Z5” and new products aren’t all that many. In addition to classic bugfixes and the most obvious, the Japanese have in factreviewed the camera App, now even faster and more intuitive, it is also one of the most complete thanks to the many dedicated applications that you can download directly from the Play Store.

In this video with Z5 Compact I wanted to show you something more only the ‘ novelty ‘ of Marshmallow we already know quite well: more detailed permission management allows you to have a more conscious control over permissions, the thing was getting out of hand. According to Digopaul, as a battery, the share button is right in line with what is available on Android 6.0 stock, so all most used contacts immediately and then, at the bottom, all links to applications installed you can make. Continue reading

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HTC 10 Cell Phone

Presented during the day yesterday, HTC 10 is the new top of the range of taiwanese society based on platform Qualcomm Snapdragon 820, 4 GB of RAM and a 5.2-inch display with resolution 2560 x 1440 QHD. Restricting ourselves to these details, without thereby descend specifically what all other specs that make for a very interesting and unique device HTC 10 definitely, it is a decidedly technical information “standard” for what are the expectations of a top of the range of 2016, in line with those of recent LG G5 and Xiaomi Mi 5, with whom it shares SoC and memory RAM.

GSMArena ‘s colleagues were able to make several benchmark with the new HTC 10 and to compare the results obtained with some of the major top-end 2016, including, in addition to the two aforementioned G5 and I 5, we find Galaxy S7, iPhone 6s, Huawei P9 and other former top range as as One M9 , Galaxy S6 and Xperia Z5. The benchmarks used for this test are the most classic and include Geekbench 3, AnTuTu, GFXBench and Wales. How will the new HTC 10 if compared with old and new challengers? Let’s find out together. Continue reading

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Windows Mobile Phone

This is the third part of a mini book that will last about a month, where telling weekly the joys and sorrows of moving to a whole new ecosystem: after 6 years of faithful militancy Android, I decided to try Windows Phone, Microsoft operating system that is gaining more and more support, particularly as regards the economic range.

For those who missed the two previous installments, the advice is to read them before proceeding further:

Alternatively, the super-condensed summary after two weeks is that:

  • Abandon Google services after many years of use is anything but easy, and the difficulties grow in direct proportion to how much you use them;
  • The quantity and quality of both official and third-party apps, is generally below what you find on Android (and also Microsoft Office doesn’t excite me that much for my continued use but very simple-Word text);

Continue reading

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Configuration Tutorial NVR and IP Cameras BSC01345

ONVIF NVR video recorder for IP cameras with up to 8 channels.

Kits Wifi 2 and 4 IP cameras.

By few configurations we can have our equipment running and linked with our IP cameras.

  1. Click on the right mouse button, shows the main menu click on <Settings>.

Setup Menu screen.


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“Smart Home” Via Android TV

Logitech has released Logitech Harmony app for Android TV. The app, currently in beta, allows you to control the activities and other devices directly from the interface of the TV, rather than resorting to remotes or other devices (smartphones and tablets, for example). The application has been optimized for Android Sony TV and can be installed by accessing Google Play Store ( includes all the official details).

For a full and proper functioning is necessary to have a Harmony Hub (all versions are supported by the most comprehensive and updated Harmony Elite to the single Hub). This accessory, which is normally used to control devices that require wireless (not infrared) via remote controls or mobile app, you need to connect the TV with light bulbs, thermostats, Consul, sources of any type, etc (the reason is obvious: normally the TV receive commands but not send them). Continue reading

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Samsung Galaxy S7 12 MP

It seems that Samsung has trademarked BRITECELL, linked to an “image sensor for mobile”, a signal that allows us to definitely strengthen the hypothesis concerning a new approach than the current ISOCELL. The term “brite” is a variant of the more used “bright” and shows us some particular detail about the brightness already discussed above. The BRITECELL sensor should come very soon in production, although for the moment it is unknown to its resolution. In light of this, the rumor concerning the form to be 12 Megapixels begins to become less and less likely.

The camera of Galaxy S7 back protagonist of rumor regarding the next top range of Samsung home. As we saw yesterday, the South Korean manufacturer seems intent on wooing Sony to get the Exmor RS IMX300 for its future top models, including S7, although this does not seem to be the only option under consideration at the moment. Continue reading

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Galaxy Note 6 CPU-Z

You keep talking about Galaxy Note 6, phablet eagerly awaited due to lack of marketing in market surveys of 5 Notes. Although there are no confirmations yet, there are many information circulated until today. If between declarations and common sense it is safe to assume very likely a sales network in Europe, regarding appearance is equally easy feel 6 Notes a breed great Galaxy S7 Edge but without bent edges.

Therefore large screen HD Quad battery cercitifacazione, IP68, latest generation Exynos processor and 6 GB of RAM probably with an internal memory expandable to 32/64 gigs. Data that have been confirmed by a supposed screenshot of CPU at, popular program which shows information about the smartphone hardware. Continue reading

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3D Calculator

Of all the beautiful apps that are installed (or you can install) on a phone, why should one waste time fiddling with the calculator? Who knows, but the design world sometimes is done so: for reasons not immediately clear, but like. And even though everything that will make this 3D Calculator will tear you a chuckle, perhaps accompanied by a “cool” to be erased forever, take it philosophically: its purpose the reaches, and maybe we’ll see you at the next evolution. Continue reading

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