First Look at the Upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Edge

The first detailed 3-d images of Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Note-that might get the name Note 7 edge instead of the Note 6-have sprung up.

The rumors swirling in the air about Samsung’s next top model, next-generation Note-phablet, which will compete with Apple’s iPhone-news this fall.

While there has been a lot of information and speculation about the specifications and the name on the phone, there has not yet been specific revelations of design-until now. Continue reading

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Rumor: Samsung’s Next Galaxy Note Is Called Galaxy Note 7

Samsung will do away with confusing naming by skipping a generation and call the next phablet for Galaxy Note 7 instead of Galaxy Note 6.

Since Samsung last fall launched the two phones, the Galaxy and Galaxy S6 edge Note 5 +, it gave rise to some confusion. The two smartphones were virtually identical-except that the latter came with Samsung’s curved screen, but nevertheless they were launched with two different generation numbers.

Therefore, Samsung will now make it easier for customers to find head and tail in the different phones in the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note-series in a few months when it’s time for the launch of the next Galaxy Note. Continue reading

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Huawei P9 Lite-Yet Another Price Strong Mobile [TEST]

Review of Huawei P9 Lite: Lillebroreren to Huawei P9 is so good that it beats last year’s P8-topmobil on most points.

Huaweis P-series has evolved greatly since the first model came to the country for P1-barely four years ago. And it has also-in the expensive price direction.

Where the original P1’er was located around the three thousand crowns, you should now drop between four and five thousand, depending on whether you select the General P9’er or the more ambitious P9 Plus. Continue reading

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Lenovo’s acquisition of Motorola’s not lived up to expectations

Lenovo evaluates on the costly purchase of Motorola and are not pale to admit that the integration of the producer has not gone as expected.

It drew headlines when Lenovo in 2014 bought Motorola from Google as well as 2,000 related patents for 17 billion. Crowns. The goal was clear: to use Motorola’s well-known brand to increase market share in Europe and the United States with the hope of becoming the world’s third largest producer.

Integration of Motorola with Lenovo is not, however, gone as desired, according to the Chinese manufacturer now in its kvartalregnskab. “The integration effort did not live up to expectations”, says among other things. Continue reading

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Huawei Will Be the World’s Largest Smartphone Manufacturer

Huawei has big plans for the next five years, where the Chinese producer aims to become the biggest producer in the world.

While the total number of smartphones sold will fall in these years, there is a big progress in Chinese Huawei, who experienced an increase in sales of 59% compared to the year before. It gets Huaweis Director, Richard Yu, to put forward a rather ambitious goal of for the newspaper the Wall Street Journal.

“We will be the largest smartphone manufacturer in the world. It is a race that will be a long time coming, and we have patience, “ says the Director. Continue reading

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Google Wins the Important trial of Android Against Oracle

After 5 years of struggle between Google and software company Oracle, Google has now gotten the Court’s words that the use of Java in Android’s source code do not break the law.

Google has had a fight with the big u.s. software company Oracle since august 2010, which potentially could have had huge implications for Google and producers who have made use of the Android software.

Oracle, which is best known as the author of Java technology and developing the language, accused back in 2010 Google for having copied Java technology to the development of Android since Google back was busy developing the Android as a competing operating system to Apple’s iPhone.

Continue reading

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New prices: OnePlus 3 Will Be Still More Expensive Than 2′ Eren

The latest prices reveals that OnePlus 3 anyway will be more expensive than OnePlus 2, and that there will be four different variants instead of only two.

A month ago the rumors sounded something surprising, then, that the upcoming OnePlus 3 will be cheaper than the one-year-old OnePlus 2. Now, however, new information emerged as pointing in the opposite direction.

According to Chinese sources from the website Mobipicker b Liverpool OnePlus 3 still not cheaper than OnePlus 2, but a little bit expensive. So far, there has also been only two models on the game, but the new, rygtede prices apply to four different variants of OnePlus 3. Continue reading

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Video: iPhone 6s Gives Samsung Galaxy S7 Bank in the Drop Test

Is the Samsung Galaxy or iPhone S7 6s released best from being lost from 1 metre height? It has a YouTube user examined.

Samsung and Apple have two quite different approaches to the choice of materials on the top models Galaxy S7 and iPhone 6s. While Samsung again this year using Gorilla Glass at the back of the phone, Apple is gone the opposite way and using reinforced aluminum compared to its predecessor.

It seems to have paid off for Apple, for in a new so-called drip test provides the latest iPhone 6s solid slaps to Samsung’s new Galaxy S7. It is the YouTube user Phone Buff, who has created a drop test-but not quite like the others. Continue reading

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New Fitness-Wearables from Samsung: Gear Fit 2 and Gear IconX

Samsung launches two new fitness trackers: wristwatch Gear Fit 2 and the wireless headphone Gear IconX, which both provide accurate tracking throughout the day.

Get the most out of your exercise with Samsung’s two new fitness gadgets: the new Gear Fit 2-sports bracelet and the wireless headphone Gear IconX, which both act as fitnesstrackere.

Fitness is always a little more fun and motivating, if you can track your progress with various tracking devices, and it is something that Samsung’s two new wearables are really good at. It is for the whole focal point behind the two. Continue reading

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New Pictures of Moto Z and Modules to the back Pops up

New images showing the coming Moto Z from Lenovo forward along with three associated MotoMods-modules to mount on the back, inter alia. A camera grip.

Lenovo goes new ways with Motorola’s Moto X-series.Series switches not only name to Moto Z, but also get a completely different design as revealed on the previous pictures.

Among the major changes are that it will be possible to connect modules on the back of the coming Moto Z via 16 plug pins on the back, but it has been a bit of a mystery how the ambitious project will actually take themselves out in practice.

It provides the always well informed Twitter tipster, evleaks, responded to in two new leaked press photos of the new Moto Z (as DROID-version to the phone company Verizon) and three corresponding modules -the so-called MotoMods. Responses to the very different design on the sequel to last year’s Moto X has been somewhat mixed, inter alia. because the back with soft curves are done completely flat. Continue reading

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TeamViewer Is Probably Been Hacked

A ton of users of remote control, TeamViewer program gets suddenly lænset their accounts and private information, but Teamviewer refuses to be hacked.

Out of the blue air stand users in these hours in line to report same unpleasant experience. Their computers have been hacked or taken over-through the popular remote control program Team Viewer that works across all popular platforms such as Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS.

Especially on a thread on the website Reddit draws a picture of that something is wrong with the security of Teamviewer, which has gotten serious consequences for the affected users. TeamViewer works as a starting point by simply exchanging a 9-digit ID, and a code between two persons in order to be able to remotely control someone else’s computer or smartphone, and therefore require no nødvendigivis, that you create a user with Teamviewer. Continue reading

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Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Heading in a Batman-Variant

Samsung launches Galaxy S7 edge top model soon in a special Batman-variant-exactly as the manufacturer last year did with Galaxy S6 edge Iron Man Edition.

One of Samsung’s super popular top models, Galaxy S7 edge, coming soon in a new variant, and this time there is not “only” talk about a new color just as the new silver variant, there came a week ago.

No, this year trying Samsung out again with something quite different-as a Batman-adorned Galaxy S7 edge as advertising pillar for the game Injustice: Gods Among Us, who are three years old. Although it would be saved, see the Batman theme, therefore, does not appear to have any connection to the relatively new movie Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Continue reading

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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Edge Can Get Dual-Camera

Samsung’s next Note-phablet, which is expected to be named Galaxy Note 7 edge, according to the latest rumors will be equipped with two cameras back in style with the LG G5.

The rumors about the upcoming Note-phablet from Samsung stepped up gradually in step with a possible launch nears. First, it was reported that Samsung tested a configuration with and without screen, after which the Samsung later decided to go with the curved screen.

Then went the rumors that the South Korean manufacturer would change the generation number on it, so that it follows the Galaxy S series. With the curved screen the next Note is expected to be named Galaxy Note 7 edge, but it is not today’s big news. Continue reading

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Not all Chromebooks Get Android-Apps-See the List Here

All 1.6 billion. Android-apps coming to Chrome OS, but not all Chromebook computers supports the many apps. See the full list of compatible PCs.

Google’s chrome device-computers with Chrome OS as an operating system based on the widely-used Chrome browser is popular particularly in educational institutions due to the low price as opposed to Windows computers.

Soon get owners of the many different Chromebook computers even more for your money, when Google implements support for Play-shop and thus all 1.6 billion. Android-apps directly from the computers. Continue reading

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Google Will Entice with Exclusive Nexus-Software Features

Google talks about the future of the Nexus series, where upcoming phones in higher degree will have unique features.

Google’s Nexus-product series of smartphones, tablets and tv-boxes have always had the intention to show the latest Android version forward in its purest form without some of the customizations that can be seen from the other manufacturers.

By Code Conference organized by Re/code and The Verge tells Google’s Director, Sundar Pichai, how the future looks out for the Nexus product line. Continue reading

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Scandal Factory Foxconn Replaces Employees with Robots

The giant factory, Foxconn, which among other things produces Apple’s iPhones, has replaced half of its employees with intelligent robots.

Your next iPhone may very well be picked by smart robot technology instead of an underpaid employee from the gigantic factory Hall Foxconn in Taiwan-most known for being the supplier of Apple’s iPhones.

Just Foxconn has been hit by a share scandals over the years, because the factory’s employees have been inhumanely badly paid, just as they have worked and lived in wretched conditions in the so-called Foxconn City. The situation has gradually improved, but the working environment in the gigantic factory still have resulted in several suicide. Continue reading

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