1 & 1 in the Fixed Network Test 2015: 1st Place

1 & 1 is the surprise winner by 2015: the enterprising vendors from Montabaur mainly lines and services buys – but it seems the right.

Forward as a result, 1 & 1 made the biggest leap. Last year in fourth place, still, the Montabaur must allow as test victors celebrate this year.

1 & 1 buys Telecom, Vodafone, O2 and QSC DSL and VDSL lines from the suppliers and marketed them under their own name. This runs the provider however parts of the infrastructure of its core network in its own data centers and its own contracts for the so-called carrier interconnects, so the Sprachtran sport outside of its own network.

In addition, that 1 & 1 with its “home server”, which is largely identical to the prestigious Fritz box 7490, relies on powerful devices on its ports. In all of this the provider from Montabaur proved apparently a so happy knack that he could – win the overall victory and this in recent months with surprisingly sharp distance to the second-placed this time Telekom.

Both telephony and Internet top

For a long time 1 & 1 in particular in the language assessment section very well – here the providers will benefit from his experience and own infrastructure for SIP Services and interconnects. The measurements show very short Assembly times (on average 0.54 seconds) connections within its own VoIP network. But also calls in other all-IP networks are built very fast (on average in 1.88 seconds).

When the data reviews the “HomeServer” intensive product care and the experiences at the hosting of Web services and cloud offerings are likely to have paid off.

  • Try it yourself! The DSL speed test connect

This is for example the readings for downloads with parallel uploading significantly. Also in the Web services and Web TV that can completely convince 1 & 1 network. In total the Montabaur retract thus earned 2015 test victory.