13 CyanogenMod Reaches Its Second Stable Version

About a month ago, CyanogenMod threw its first stable version, or Snapshot, or Release, of his ROM 13.0, based on Android Marshmallow. Since then the machinery has not stopped for, as it is usual, with continuous updates nightlies, which are finally stable enough to constitute the second stable release of 13.0 CM.

For now There is a list of changes This second snapshot, although the lack of ads probably assume that there are few new features and is a more focused on corrections version. It also depends on the changes which each charge applied to your device.

As always, you can find all the links and information in the downloads of CyanogenMod page, ideally filtering only the ones for your device and on the stable channel (web page called Release, but then the files to download use the prefix Snapshot). It is now available for about 40 devices, that probably will be joined by more in the coming days.

Mobile compatible

At the time of writing this text, these are phones and tablets which have download the second Release of CM13.0, sorted by its codename.

  • angler (Nexus 6 p)
  • Otus (Moto E 2015)
  • Bacon (One)
  • crackling (WileyFox Swift)
  • Deb (Nexus 7 2013 4G)
  • flounder (Nexus 9)
  • g2m (Mini G2)
  • FLO (Nexus 7 2013 WiFi)
  • ham (Zuk Z1)
  • jag3gds (LG G3)
  • hammerhead (Nexus 5)
  • jagnm (G3 Beat)
  • Kipper (Wileyfox Storm)
  • kltechn (Galaxy S5 China)
  • kltechnduo (Galaxy S5 Duos China)
  • Mako (Nexus 4)
  • blanket (Nexus 10)
  • Shamu (Nexus 6)
  • sprout4 (Android One 4 Gb)
  • sprout8 (Android One 8 Gb)
  • W5 (Optimus L7)
  • W7 (Optimus L90)
  • serrano3gxx (Galaxy S4 Mini 3G)
  • serranoltexx (Galaxy S4 Mini Intl)
  • Canker (Mi3W and Mi4)
  • D800 (G2 AT & T)
  • d801 (T-Mobile G2)
  • d802 (G2 Intl)
  • d803 (G2 Canada)
  • Maserati (Droid 4)
  • Targa (Droid Bionic)
  • Spyder (Droid Razr)
  • acclaim (Nook Tablet)
  • umts_spyder (Razr)
  • r7plus (R7 Plus)
  • Bullhead (Nexus 5 x)
  • find7 (Find 7a)
  • find7s (Find 7s)