14 CyanogenMod and Its Importance for Smartphones That Will Not Receive Nougat

Android updates they are a theme that brings the head to many, not just by the fact of being the last, but because the user expects that the manufacturer pay attention to your terminal during a certain time. This high-end can be said that are more or less satisfied, but the rest of ranges is much harder to be a decent support.

In many cases, this means that those with experience or courage recourse to the development community, so they give you, for free, the support that the manufacturer has not given Despite having paid for your terminal. The arrival of Nougat, which has certain special characteristics that excludes the majority of terminals, is no exception to this.

Many manufacturers, due to what is Nougat, they may not support certain types of terminals, and others that if would be able to be updated could not get Nougat for the laziness of the manufacturer. Luckily, CyanogenMod It is one of the fastest ROMs to appear with the new version of Android, and that ROM if you want to be on many devices.

CyanogenMod 14 even in devices that in theory is not supported by Nougat

A curious fact is that CM14 is beginning to plan even on terminals that would not meet the requirements to be upgraded to Nougat, even in ‘alpha’ phase. In fact, and although somewhat unsteadily, already there is a Nougat ROM for the LG G2, but only for the D800 (if you don’t have this model in particular, do not try it), which is based on AOSP.

But back to CyanogenMod, terminals as the LG G2 eventually receiving CM14, or some range medium such as Moto G in 2015. Most more or less recognized terminals in the past two years are likely to receive CM14 to enjoy at least the majority of news that offers Nougat.

As we have already described in another article, the reason why many terminals will not receive Android Nougat despite being in the plans of the companies is for failing to meet a series of requirements that Google considers essential, but CyanogenMod, luckily for us, don’t have those requirements.

That Yes, we will be able to enjoy from a somewhat limited version of Nougat, because they can not make older processors support Vulkan, for example, so yes, terminals with Snapdragon 800 or 410 may have Nougat, but will not enjoy 100% of what the Android version.

How will do you Cyanogen so our terminals can withstand Nougat?

We must clarify one thing, and it is that all smartphones with enough power support Nougat, at least for running the operating system itself, the only thing that many do not support 100% of the features, such as the mentioned Vulkan or hardware encryption (only supported it chips ARMv8 or higher).

Then, what to do Cyanogen? Basically provide to each model of all of the features you can enjoy along with all those own cyanogenmod. Those characteristics that smartphone model does not support, the team will have to deactivate it or delete them to avoid any conflict of compatibility.

Clearly, those terminals that Yes can support all the features of Nougat, will receive their ration of CM14, so if you are holder of a terminal with Snapdragon 820 for example, it is likely that you can have all that offers Android 7 next to everything you can offer CyanogenMod.

What is the importance of CyanogenMod for users in this case?

For those users who do not want or do not know root their terminals, clearly This will not affect them at all, as if updated, and but it will endure. Obviously, it is best to get stuck in an older version of Android that charge your phone by ignoring the process, especially if you need it for your day to day.

For those who already know the world of the root and not import them having to make the process with your terminal (or already have it made), the emergence of CM14 is a respite, because it will allow them to have the latest version of Android and, in addition, an extra customization that offers the famous ROM.

That for a long time will have errors? Yes, but you have to keep in mind that is updated almost every day to correct all errors possible and do that it can be used in the user’s daily life. Perhaps for this reason the ‘nightlies’ are so popular, are a kind of open beta which will help the developers to eliminate those errors.

What features will CyanogenMod Android Nougat inherit?

Taking into account that the versions of CyanogenMod are Android-based stock but with characteristics and an extra customization, I would say that, at least, the vast majority of you have CyanogenMod 14 will have Android Nougat, that if it is them does not inherit all for more powerful handsets of today.

As you can see in the video above, which runs in a 3 OnePlus CM14, seen clearly as one of the characteristics that inherits CM14 is that Double window as well feel to a 5.5-inch screen, at the same time also seen how inherited that bar for quick access when falls the first time the notification bar.

But that is only what you see, there are many other things that quite possibly will inherit, as the evolution of the Doze mode that, although it does not seem to be very well implemented in the version seen in the video, we can not forget that developers will give you priority so it can be used in everyday life.

Among the features that are simple to look at, beyond small improvement to the interface and the above, you can choose how much battery like that they spend applications or one improvement in the management of RAM which manages the apps automatically to reduce load to the processor and let more free RAM.

How can I tell if my device is compatible and how do I install the ROM when it becomes available?

As I have said previously, if your device has a couple of years (and even in certain cases, such as the LG G2), It is very easy that your phone can be installed CM14 in the near future, but if you want to have more security, in this website have a list of supported devices and those who expected them to be (it may not be a definitive list, but at least it gives you a rough idea).

The list, as already mentioned, is very wide, so don’t worry if, for example, you have a Micromax, There is also support for that brand, simply enter the website and you will know if you have a chance of having CM14 on your device. I also notice that if your device is not in the list, nothing prevents that it may be later, so don’t take you something 100% safe.

To install the ROM, the first thing is to have your rooted device, and then read the flashing of the ROM process, paying special attention to the requirements and, above all, to the exact model number, where it does not correspond with your phone, don’t risk ‘brickearlo’ only by experience.

It is very important that, before installing CyanogenMod 14 (in the event that you reach your device), you understand perfectly the process, follow the instructions to the letter and, above all, you have made backups of your data if it does not come out as it should.

Of course, backups are essential If it goes wrong the process or regret. The process tends to vary from one terminal to another, so best to directly read the tutorial of the XDA-Developers Forum and follow it to the letter. To download the ROM, although in the own forum post the link, you can go to the repository of CyanogenMod ROM.

For installation you get it right, It is essential that you understand the entire process Once you’ve taken into account the model of smartphone and you have made backups and follow it to the letter. In addition, be sure to download additional files that may be needed (GApps, kernel, etc.).