16 Years of The First BlackBerry, 16 Unforgettable BlackBerrys

This is an article originally published in 2015, coinciding with the 16 birthday of BlackBerry, we have decided to recover after the news of the end of new BlackBerrys from in-house manufacturing.

Although perhaps they do not pass by your best time on BlackBerry this week are celebrating, since marks 16 years of the launch of its first device, the BlackBerry 850. And talk about device and not phone, because that first terminal seemed more like a medium look for PDA than a phone.

But the Canadian brand despite its ups and downs these 16 years has left us amazing phones, with a clear commitment to physical keyboards until the rise of smartphones with touch screen. And to remember this anniversary then we are going to show that we believe are 16 unforgettable BlackBerrys.

1. BlackBerry 850 (1999)

The story begins by the BlackBerry 850, that as we have already mentioned was just a “look”for a phone. The need to access mail or their calendar of many business users did think the Canadian brand that would be a good idea to create a device that join these options. Curiosity: running with two batteries.

2. BlackBerry 957 (2000)

Screen terminals of the brand were small to read post, but there was the BlackBerry 957 to fix it. With 160 by 160 pixel screen front of the 132 by 65 of the 850 this terminal already had with rechargeable battery. Here are already beginning to sense the design of future BlackBerrys that captivated many users.

3. BlackBerry 5810 (2002)

And reached for the phone. With a design that still largely maintained the lines of the 957 BlackBerry 5810 was the first to allow you to make calls using the GSM network. That Yes, the terminal incorporated neither loudspeaker nor microphone, so it needed to use headset for calls.

4. BlackBerry 6210 (2003)

And became the integrated phone, without using headphones. BlackBerry 6210 already had an appearance more similar to the most recent BlackBerrys with a rectangular screen instead of square. Thanks to the support of Java, already included in the 5810, they began to view applications, This terminal approaching what we today know as smartphones.

5. BlackBerry 7270 (2004)

Sad display monochrome BlackBerry made the leap to the color with the 7210. But in this series also became another important development, the WiFi connectivity, ending the dependence of the mobile network. The honor was the BlackBerry 7270, a terminal that kept the look of the previous BlackBerry.

6 BlackBerry 7100 Charm (2004)

Referred to in the first big significant change in what to design came with the BlackBerry 7100 Charm. With two letters per button the width of the terminal was reduced greatly, going from ten to five buttons per line. The 7100 also was one of the first great successes out of business users, aided also by the predictive SureType, though BlackBerry continued offering terminals with QWERTY keyboard with one letter per key.

7. BlackBerry 8100 Pearl (2006)

Arrived to 2006 and after the success by some terminals between users strictly non-professional BlackBerry decided to dump is also in the market of individual users. In this way he introduced improvements aimed at them, such as more memory, cameras or memory cards slots. But the jump took place at the BlackBerry Pearl 8100, which He moved the side below the screen scroll wheel, with the possibility of movement in four directions.

8 BlackBerry Curve 8300 (2007)

Returning to wide BlackBerry phones launched in the year 2007, year of birth of the iPhone, one of the ranges that reported you more joy, the Curve. One of their most successful Terminal was the BlackBerry Curve 8300, which returned to the 10-key keypad for the lines and incorporating camera rear two megapixel and 320 by 240 pixels and 65,000 colors screen, although it had no WiFi.

9 BlackBerry 9500 Storm (2008)

The time smartphone was still untapped as Nokia began to cede ground to other brands and BlackBerry wanted to continue marking the passage of the mobile manufacturer with the new range Storm, touchscreen. The BlackBerry Storm 9500 had 3.25 inch screen, its internal memory came up to 1 GB but again lack of WiFi.

10 BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220 (2008)

In the same 2008 not only BlackBerry launched several smartphones with touch screen but no physical keyboard, also tried his luck with the shell-type phones that it as well worked him to Motorola. Thus was born the BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220, who maintained the trackpad below the display and incorporated a small screen on the outside.

11 BlackBerry 9670 Style (2010)

If the design of the Pearl Flip 8220 liked of the Style 9670 wanted to repeat success, but recovering 10 keys for line width integrated on a smartphone shell-type. The BlackBerry Style 9670 was also one of the first BlackBerry to incorporate 3G connectivity.

12 BlackBerry 9800 Torch (2010)

It starts the explosion of smartphones with touchscreen and BlackBerry, which they had already bid to integrate in one phone touchscreen and physical keyboard on smartphones with sliding keyboard. An example of these would be the BlackBerry Torch 9800, which came from the hand of BlackBerry OS 6.

13 BlackBerry Z10 (2013)

Stuck already squarely in the smartphone era BlackBerry began to lose appeal against the wide range of Android smartphones or the latest iPhones. In an attempt to recover ground Canadians they returned to betray the physical keyboard that they usually incorporated with the launch of BlackBerry Z10, with BlackBerry OS 10.

14 BlackBerry Z30 (2013)

Despite the betrayal of the physical keyboard BlackBerry realized that many users not only demanded touchscreen but also a large screen. Thus was born the BlackBerry Z30, with their five inch screen.

15 BlackBerry Passport (2014)

They are not good times for BlackBerry. Its market share of sales has declined dramatically in all markets, not reaching 1% in many of them, and the brand among various rumors about his future need fresh blood to face a highly competitive scenario. The answer came from the hand of the BlackBerry Passport, a smartphone with square touchscreen and physical keyboard of three rows.

16 BlackBerry Classic (2014)

After much experiment, BlackBerry had an idea, try to fall in love with the classic BlackBerry lovers. And thus was born the last terminal of the brand so far, the BlackBerry Classic, a name that says it all. The success of this latest venture and the Passport will depend on the evolution of a legendary brand.

Bonus track: BlackBerry Curve 8520 (2009)

Upon popular request, the BlackBerry Curve 8520 was not one of the terminals of the most notable mark in terms of features. But no doubt at least in Spain was one of the best selling BlackBerrys, aided by grants from the operators. With one great popularity among the young, with Android still almost in its infancy, marked a series of lovers of the QWERTY keyboard.

And here our selection of the terminals that marked the history of BlackBerry, history which we hope will continue to expand. There are many terminals that have left us by the way, but as always, we invite you to leave us in the comments those models that you remember and we have not mentioned.