17 Good Hidden Iphone Features

Iphone secret: Apple has built in features in the iOS operating system, that are not visible at first glance. We show what the iPhone really!

1.Die the last text input you can simply delete: shake the iPhone and then press “Undo”

2. double press the space bar inserts a point including blank line.

3. in the camera app, you can shoot an image simply by pressing one of the volume buttons. Perfect for Selfies!

4. you can teach the pronunciation of names to Siri. Just say “Learn to pronounce _ the names” and then select the correct pronunciation.

5 by pressing and holding the shutter button, some pictures are shot one at a time from which you can select the perfect.

6. when a video, press the point of the progress bar and then drag him down. The further you pull him down, the slower will be zapped by the video. Best to find the most recently viewed scene.

7 by right-dragging to the left you can see in the messaging app when the message is received or sent off.

8. you have it in a hurry? Simply activate flight mode and your iPhone will load a lot faster!

9. the photo LED can use quite simply as a notification LED. In the settings under General, and then the option is found under accessibility.

10 on the clock app, you can set a timer which stops the music then after the specified time. See the option at the bottom, all notification sounds in “Stop playback”.

11 instead of a number code, you can set the text as a barrier. Simply go into the settings, then disable code and “simple code”.

12. you can also simply read aloud text. Go into the settings under accessibility in speech and “Speak selection” enable. Then a text highlight and press on ‘talk’.

13 you can create your own vibrating pattern! Go to “settings > sounds > message tone > vibration” and then click “Create new vibration”. Now tap your finger in the open field to set the vibration pattern.

14. If you hold the point on the keyboard, get a range of domain extensions and you need not enter so.

15 to make an image of the current screen, press the power button and the home button at the same time. The image is then stored in the photos app.

16 you can see designs in the email app simply E-Mail, by long time on the “new E-Mail” button pushing.

17. you can easily create a shortcut for certain phrases that you use frequently. Go to the “settings > General > keyboard > keyboard shortcuts” and press right up to the “+”.