22 Bluetooth Headset Tested

22 headset with minimum tangles have been reviewed in this month’s supertest. As well as wireless music headphones Mono talk.


Adifone BT70

Adifone BT70 is no discreet headset to wear around town – it’s a real office headsets for the which prioritizes sound quality over a convenient format. To connect to the cell phone works like BT70 customary, a long press set the headset in pairing mode and then just accept the headset in the phone’s interface. The sound quality is really good. The microphone has a shelter in foam rubber and sits on a flexible boom which can be adjusted so that it ends up at exactly the right distance from your mouth. There is also an active noise reduction that makes the headset also works well in the car or other noisy environments. Bt70 charges via usb or the included power charger.


Plus: Great sound, comfortable

Minus: Clumsy

Adifone BT50


Cordless yet not. Bt50 has an earpiece on the cord and a device with a microphone and electronics that you can pin on your clothes. To reduce the risk of entanglement are Adifone equipped with an integrated cable management system – similar to a vacuum cleaner. Cord springs back automatically, like a ski pass holders, without pressing a button for it to be rolled back. The headset has a good clamp for fastening the unit on the clothes, but the headset feels a bit more plastic than BT70, the other Adifone product. We have not had the opportunity to do anything long-term test on the cord reel, but it feels like it’ll keep as long as you do not subject it to excessive pressure. The sound quality is approved, but not more. The microphone picks up a lot of clothing rustling and sounds from the environment.

Plus: Practical cable management system

Minus: Mediocre audio and build quality

Jabra Stone


Jabra Stone comes in a clear plastic cylinder that is not completely straightforward to dismount when you want to access the actual headset. Once unpacked one notes the peculiar shape – and that the weight is very low. The scale stops at 7 grams and we forget quickly that it carries on a headset – provided that the Stone will fit on your ear. There are no configuration options. The design makes the loudspeaker element is directed straight into the ear canal and it gives a powerful sound without it becoming just as stuffy as with a typical in-earlur. The charger has a soapy shape – or a polished water stone maybe than the association which producer preference. Anyway, have “stone” a cavity that the headset folds into in a very classy way. The charger also contains a battery sufficient to charge the headset 3 times before the power cable needs to be connected. Answer key is hidden in the shell, it has good sense and there is no risk to start voice dialing or similar. Statuslysdioderna is hidden on the side that faces inwards header, so you do not go around and blinking like a Christmas tree. Specifications lists the amounts of gadgets like dual microphones and noise reduction – features that seem to be of use. The Jabra Stone is doing really well among the smaller headsets in terms of sound quality. However, it is worth noting that battery Jabra set (8 hours) includes the battery in the charger to the headset, press and hold only for about 3 hours.


Plus: Small and light

Minus: Short battery life

Jabra Pro 9470

The weight of the box reveals that we are dealing with more than a standard headset. And sure enough – the Jabra Pro 9470 comes with a highly advanced docking station. The touch screen will guide through the installation and makes it very easy to connect the headset to different types of devices. Jabra Pro 9470 not only works with Bluetooth devices, but can also connect with cable to a fixed phone or a computer. The transfer between the headset and the docking station uses Dect, so the range is longer than for pure bluetoothheadset. It can handle calls from multiple devices at the same time – such as mobile and landline phone. The docking station display indicates which line is calling and you can answer either by tapping on the screen or through the answer button on the headset. The sound is good, but not sensational. I had expected a bit more of a large headset. The comfort is, however, nothing wrong with. It includes several different earplugs and two different jumpers — one for ear and one that reaches around the entire head. It’s easy to find a configuration that you can wear comfortably all day.


Plus: Easy to use despite the advanced features

Minus: The sound quality does not match the price tag

Jabra BT530


A good sounding headset, but the Jabra has neither been able to successfully build quality or ergonomics. The headset is light and not overly bulky, but the adjustment possibilities are limited and it is difficult to get the headset to sit really well. The mixture of matte black hard plastic and silvery surfaces, which also consists of plastic, makes the BT530 looks cheaper than the price tag would justify.

Plus: Good sound

Minus: Inconvenient

Jabra Go 6430


On the surface it feels Go 6430 as a rather dull and bland product, but under the hood there are interesting features. The headset uses a higher power output than most mobiles and together with the included usb adapter up to 100 meters. It has no benefit in conjunction with a standard cell, but in combination with Skype or any other IP telephony applications to get freedom of movement around the computer. There is also the opportunity to pair the headset with both phone and computer at the same time. The sound is good, but the headset is quite heavy and uncomfortable.


Plus: Good for IP telephony

Minus: Clumsy

Jabra Arrow

The Jabra JX10 is similar, you Arrow but Arrow has a piano black finish instead of metal Surface becomes quite easily spotted by fingerprints. It will be certainly JX10-headsets in real metal too, but plastic JX10 has a more durable surface. The weight is very low and end up just under 10 grams – a must have to function without a jumper. Arrow is cheaper than JX10 and is not quite as high sound quality, but the rating is still clearly accepted given the size. Arrow works great in the car or in a normal office, but is not the first choice for noisier environments. The contents of the package feels complete with chargers for both car and mains voltage. It is also possible to charge the headset from the usb connector.


Plus: Format

Minus: Blank and sensitive plastic surface

Plantronics Voyager Pro

A solid headset where you carry the battery part behind your ear. Quality feeling is high with metal and rubber coated plastic surfaces. The buttons are very big to sit on a bluetooth headset, so it is really easy to use the Voyager Pro. It is possible to press the reply button with gloves on, without problems, and even the power button and volume buttons have a good format and placement. The microphone sits on a long boom and offers good call quality. Charger for car and mains voltage as well as a usb cable is included.


Plus: The sound. The buttons.

Minus: Somewhat clumsy.

Plantronics Discovery 975


A bluetoothheadset with a retro feel. Might sound contradictory, but Plantronics has jumped on the trend to mix up to date technology with material and form reminiscent of the 60 ‘s. The bag is made of a leather-like material and details of leather surface on the headset itself. The bag features a magnetic clasp for the cover and a smart eject button that makes it easy to disconnect the headset from the micro-usb connector that holds it in place inside the bag. The bag is not only used as storage, but also includes a battery for charging onto the field. A small lcd display shows how much power is left in the väskbatteriet. The headset is easy – 8 grams — so charging for bag may be necessary in a day with many long conversations. The long boom microphone provides excellent sound and the earpiece has interchangeable silicone plugs. Any jumper doesn’t exist, but most should be able to find a favorite among the different ear plugs like yesterday.

Plus: Fun design. Good sound.

Minus: Nothing special

Samsung WEP490


A simple headset that is loaded with micro-usb. The shape is quite ordinary, but the WEP490 is delivered in strong colors that match the Corby phones. The earloop in transparent plastic is virtually invisible and the headset is easy, but not among the most comfortable to wear. The jumper is a little too thin and hard to sit comfortably. Variation in yellow reminiscent of Sony’s old sports walkman and the colorful plastic gives a rugged impression – kind of like a legobit. The headset has a clear slide switch for on and off – not entirely different key silent mode on an Iphone. The sound quality is approved, but no more.

Plus: Easy. Happy colors.

Minus: Inconvenient

Sennheiser BW900


A large and heavy, but quite comfortable headset. It is possible to wear the BW900 without problems for a full working day, but we know the importance to the ear. This is noticeable when unpacking the headset that it is a completely different kind of product than the headset in the test, which cost one-tenth as much. The bag is lavish and BW900 feels very generally recognised as a gadget. The only part that I have objections against the thin Microphone boom which gives a rather fragile impression. The well-made fabric carry case holds the Chargers and cables for 12-volt outlet and usb. The headset looks to have a custom connector, but it is not a charger that is suitable for it. Instead, take out the battery from the headset and charge it in the stand-alone charger. Two batteries are included and the hand grip to pick off the battery from the charger or headset is very simple – no battery doors, latches or other hassles. Call the sound keeps the absolute top class and BW900 has a noise reduction removes noise in both the microphone element and by software. A good choice if the headset must work even in very noisy environments. There is also an automatic volume adjustment that raises the level of background noise increases.


Plus: Very high sound quality

Minus: Expensive. Heavy.

Sennheiser VMX100

Vmx100 doesn’t feel like a professional audio product in the same way as the other Sennheiser headset, but quality feeling is still with distinction. The headset has a battery part worn behind the ear and from it goes a microphone boom that can be folded in. When you lower the boom headset automatically shuts of. It means that you must press other buttons in combination with the unfolding the headset to link it to a mobile phone. In other words, it is good to have the manual at hand when to get started with VMX100. Car charger, mains voltage and usb are included. The sound quality is high and the noise reduction is good enough to give good call quality both in the car and in Office environments.


Plus: Good sound

Minus: Awkward to get started

Sony Ericsson VH300


Budget choice if you prefer headsettypen with cord. Vh300 features in several lively colors, but the device feels very plasticky. The weight is low and the material of the shell is thin. Clamp feels neither especially robust. Cord to the earpiece has a little too much attitude, so it pulls in your ear and it’s hard to get the cord to be neat when you have the headset. Succeed get the earpiece cord is good, but the sound is very boring. Reply button sits on the earpiece itself, so it’s easy to hit the right compared to headset button sits on the cord. It is also less likely that pinches the button at the collar and start voice dialing by mistake. The microphone has poor sensitivity and are very dependent on finding a good place on the clothes for attaching the headset. Vh300 is best suited for quiet environments.

Plus: Cheap

Minus: The plastic. Dull sound.

Sony Ericsson HBH-PV740


A small and lightweight headset that surely had worked well to wear no jumper – if it had been delivered with earplugs. So now is not the case, so you may use any of the two ear loops included. Although it feels it often as the headset is about to come off. A docking station is included, but it is also nice to koppa any Sony Ericsson charger directly into the headset. On the side of the headset features an LCD display that shows the battery level, but the display is very small and offers no lavish appearance. PV740 comes with a carrying strap in metal, charger and ear loops. Audio quality stays at a qualifying score.


Plus: Charging station

Minus: Poor fit

Stereo headset

Jabra BT3030


A stereodongle designed as a military name tag. The rubber coated edges and metal surface gives a strong impression, but it would have been great with a squeeze as an alternative to the long neck chain. The headset is easy to get started with and comes with a couple of decent in-earlurar. The effect lasts even to drive larger headphones. Bt3030 has a standard 3.5-millimeterskontakt for lurking. On the front of the washer, there are buttons to control the music player and answer calls. The keypad has a backlight which flashes in different colours, but I had clearly preferred a discreet, white button light and a small led light to indicate features. The length of the chain makes the microphone easily ends up too far away from your mouth, but otherwise is the sound quality good.

Plus: Works with most headphones

Minus: Call the sound

Jabra Halo


A pair of thin stereo headphones in collapsible design. The shape is special, but I’m skeptical of the velvet-clad inside and was wondering if it still looks fresh after a few months of use. However, it is very comfortable to wear and touch buttons that control the music player is a really elegant solution. The Jabra Halo is primarily a couple music headphones and the microphone is not especially good. The sound in the headset is detailed, but lacking weight at the base.


Plus: Exciting design

Minus: Sensitive materials

Nokia BH-504


Musiklurar with classic looks. BH-504 is quite similar to the top model BH-905, but is built in a little easier material and features a collapsible headband. The jumper is articulated in two places, so you can pack up BH-504 to a compact format. I think it is a little bit more comfortable than the 905 model, but the quality is not as high. Which headset to talk in is BH-504 a substandard product. The microphone picks up far too much of the surrounding area and too little of what is said. Music sound, by contrast, are good, although the base is a little excessive and slaying the more subtle details in the music. If you have a mobile phone that can run a equalizer profile on bluetooth audio, the problem is easily corrected, but in many mobiles will work only on the equalizer corded headsets. The headset comes with a charger and a simple storage bag.

Plus: Comfortable

Minus: Bad microphone sound

Nokia BH-905


The flagship among Nokia’s music headphones comes in a lavish Western filled with accessories. There is room for chargers, extension cord and adapters for most headphone plugs — including contact for aircraft seats. It is therefore both to connect headphones or wireless as regular headphones with cord. The sound quality is really good, but I’m not so impressed by the noise reduction. According to the product description, the headset, be equipped with a large number of microphones in an active noise reduction system, but neither the music or call sound is influenced very much by turning on the feature. It is rather the seal caps and the fine fit that keeps the noise out. The format is a bit larger than the cheaper model BH-504, but not very much. The major differences compared with BH-504 is to BH-905 is a much better call sounds and feels more lavish.


Plus: Good sound

Minus: Expensive

Nokia BH-214

A stereodongle with a quite sporty look – the question is just how resistant the headset is in the sweat or rain during the training session. The white plastic material feels durable it is easy to attach the device on your clothes. The entire front is composed of a large four-way button where the different directions are used to select song, pause or answer a call. On the side of the dongle, the volume buttons and switches. The headphones are connected with standard 3.5-millimeterskontakt and in the package is a pair of white in-earlurar with approximately 50 cm long cable. Nokia has pulled himself up considerably when it comes to headphone quality and I would evaluate these headphones for around $150 if they were sold separately – fully comparable with those that come with Sony Ericsson’s better music mobiles. The microphone sits on the dongle and not on the headphone cable, but only to attach the top of the clothes will call the sound perfectly acceptable. The man lacks is bells and whistles as a display which shows the status and song titles.


Plus: Simple and sweet-sounding

Minus: No display

Samsung SBH650


Samsung’s stereodongle has a good format and a hefty clip which makes it easy to attach to your clothing. Quality feel is comparable with Nokia stereodongle, and as with the Nokia lacks a display – SBH650 has only an led to indicate status. Headphones are connected with standard plug and the headset comes with a pair of in-ear lurking which in itself sounds quite all right. Unfortunately, the electronics in the SBH650 emit a weak, but annoying noise. It is heard in the pauses between the tracks and in the silences, but outdoors or on the bus other sounds over and then it’s not especially distracting.

Plus: Cheap. Works with standardlurar.

Minus: No display. Roars.

The Sony Ericsson IS800


The format is impressive. IS800 is an almost surreal little headset, but the minimal dimensions also makes the batteries will fit only lasts a few hours at most. The sound quality is not as great as the dimensions. This is not to say that it sounds bad. IS800 performs as a couple in-earlurar in the mid-range. Charger plug is hidden behind a small door on one earpiece and headset button is the answer button on the cord. So there is neither the ability to adjust the volume or to control the music player. It makes headset unusable with mobile phones and other audio sources which cannot regulate the output level over bluetooth. The microphone is mounted on the cable and provides good sound of the counterparty.


Plus: Convenient format

Minus: Cannot control the music player

Sony Ericsson HBH-DS205

A cylindrical stereodongle. Comes with the classic earphones with grilles and rubber edge. Rather hear shells can be found in the box of many Sony Ericsson mobiles, but appearances are deceiving. Headset that comes with the DS205 sounds significantly better. It is true that neither the sound or fit with good in-earlurar, but the rating is fully approved. The headset is charging with the Sony Ericsson standard charger. HBH-DS205 can change the song in the music player by holding volume button depressed, but unable to fast which feels unnecessarily restricted and complicated compared with separate buttons. The device is lightweight and has a good clip for your clothes. The microphone has excellent directivity and sensitivity, but the dongle device sitting on a good place on the clothes to the novice should be able to hear properly.


Plus: Standard connector for headphones

Minus: Limited control options for music player

Getting started

Four zeros. How hard can it be? It is never especially challenging to get started with a bluetooth headset, but manufacturers are stuck for various combinations of key presses to put the headset in a location that your phone can detect. All headset starts in right mode the first time you look at them, but to connect a new phone or if the link would be broken, it is important to be able to maneuver that set the headset in pairing mode. Nokia and Sony Ericsson uses consistent solution with that old settings will be cleared and the headset is made ready for a new phone if you hold the power button impressions long at power on. Jabra Pro 9470 is the positive surprise. Touch screen provides clear instructions in both text and picture for how to plug in your phone. Sennheiser products are a bit trickier to deal with. They don’t really follow conventions and uses some proprietary solutions — for example, reached the pairing mode on the VMX100 by holding the volume button at the same time as the microphone boom precipitated. An inferior solution? Maybe not. But definitely less intuitive.


Winner: Jabra Pro 9470

Materials and quality

A bluetoothheadset you want to keep for daily use to set high standards. It can be a significant wear and tear on mechanics, wires and buttons. The products that I feel most worried about are Sony Ericsson and Adifones dongles. The cables have no textile reinforcement or other protection and mired in units, so it starts slipping is the repair or disposal. Nokia BH-214 is also fairly thin lursladdar, but this uses the standard cash so it’s easy to plug in your own headphones if they supplied. Two headsets in the test stand out with a little more lavish details – Plantronics Discovery 975 and Nokia BH-905. Nokia uses materials that are good against ears without it becoming too hot and buttons and other details on the headset is made of metal and plastic and leatherette Plantronics uses, but the quality seems still high – not least thanks to the excellent fit between the parts in hard plastic, imitation leather, and silicone rubber. A large number of headsets, a grade four in the category – high finish, but not top class.

Winner: Plantronics Discovery 975


In the case of Mono, it easy to count the functions on the fingers of one hand. There simply aren’t that many options in addition to lurvolymen. Features available in other areas. Jabra Stone and Plantronics Discovery 975 comes with charging case. Jabra has a slightly more compact solution while Plantronics bag is more lavish with their display of battery status. Jabra Go 6430 also offers a little more than genomsnittsheadsetet with the included usb adapter for extended coverage. The Mono that stand out the most when it comes to bells and whistles is the Jabra Pro 9470. The ability to manage a landline, VoIP and mobile phone calls via the same headset is good. And the touch screen that will guide through the installation and displays any line is active, it makes it even better and more user friendly.

Stereoheadseten offers a bit more variety. Sony Ericsson, the worst score here – both IS800 and DS205 lacks complete control music player. Worst off is it with IS800 which does not even have a volume control on the headset. With DS205 can control the volume and change tracks, but unable to fast. Sony Ericsson might want to keep products clean with few buttons, but this can definitely out of usability. Nokia BH-905 has complete music controls and also an input for analog audio sources. The cheaper music headset, Jabra Halo and Nokia BH-504 also has good control, but is not as well equipped when it comes to Accessories. The remaining three musikheadseten with the Jabra BT3030 dongle –, the Nokia BH-214 and Samsung SBH650 have all the good music player buttons and standard connector for headphones.


Sound rating can be split up in two parts – how good is the sound of the person wearing the headset and how it sounds with the person on the other end of a phone call. The quality of headsets microphones vary just as much as the quality of the headphone. Generally speaking, Stereo headsets significantly worse for the call. A microphone mounted on the outside one hears the luraren ends up too far from the mouth to give good sound. Despite the advanced noise reduction allows the Nokia top model BH-905 is no better than an inexpensive Mono such as Sony Ericsson VH-300. Another characteristic that sets it up for Stereo headsets is to “Juiced,” which sounds best for music shut out ambient noise. It means that you can’t hear their own voice in a normal way and it can feel weird when, for a call. Jabra Halo, with their open construction, works somewhat better here as well as Sony Ericsson HBH-DS205. Dongle-headsets with standard contact is of course possible to equip with headphones that are great for conversation, but in-earlurarna that comes with headsets from Nokia, Samsung and Jabra works much better for music than for calls. Best music experience gives the Nokia BH-905. The sound is both detailed and has great pressure in the base. It’s mostly about playing loud is in earlurarna not long after, but BH-905 is suitable for several different types of music.

Even on monosidan, it turns out that you get what you pay for. Sennheiser BW900 is a substantial price tag, but the ability to identify the speech from background noise is really sharp compared to the competition. Adifone BT70 is a very good budget choice, but the difference against BW900 is significant. When it comes to the headset in a little more portable, and not as eye-catching, Plantronics Discovery 975 format has really good sound followed by Jabra Stone, Plantronics Voyager Pro and Sennheiser VMX100.


Low weight gives a head start when it comes to comfort. Samsung WEP490 and Sony Ericsson PV740 had gotten considerably worse grades if they weighted over 10 grams. For heavier headsets required good settings. It saves the Jabra Pro and Sennheiser BW900. Even Adifone Stereo headsets BT70 and get good grades. Samsung and Nokia’s big headphones like the Jabra Halo is easy to adjust after the head and fits well. A headset that combines customization options with low weight is the Plantronics Discovery 975. It comes with several different rubber plugs and when they found their favorite notice within the 8 gram lightweight headset. Plantronics Voyager Pro and Sennheiser VMX100 has a battery part behind your ear. This means that the weight is distributed over a large area. Comfortable if you are wearing the headset during much of the day. How to use headset is also of great importance for which to choose. The most sports friendly headset, Nokia BH-214. It has sufficiently lightweight headphones and a good clip which makes it stays in place even when you go out for a run. Jabra Stone has actually no adjustability, but still receive full marks in the category. The low weight and the special shape allows the headset sits very firmly in the ear the Plantronics Discovery 975 – but are close by and can in some cases be a better choice with its line of earbuds in different sizes.


Winner: Jabra Stone

Winner – Plantronics Discovery 975 Mono:


An easy and convenient headset who dare to stand out. Materials with translucent plastic, silicone and leather mixed makes the headset feels a bit like a gadget from the 60 ‘s agent series. The sound quality is really good and the case with built-in battery allows to hold for long conversations.

Winner-Stereo: Nokia BH-905

Nokia’s big – and expensive – headphones deliver. Music quality is really good and the call quality is better than what this type of headset wont be able to perform. The bag and accessory adds to the overall impression – a product worth the money despite the high price.