4 Port USB Car Charger Adapter

This car charger 8A / 40W, 4 USB ports with extra 3 sockets type cigarette lighter (power outlets). Charger for i-Phone 5S, 5C, 5, 4S, 4; i-Pads and I-Pods; Samsung Galaxy S4, S3, S2, Galaxy Note 2 (and although this is not stated in the notice from the seller, it also charges the Samsung Galaxy TAB 3); Motorola Droid RAZR MAXX; HTC One XVS, most smartphones, tablets, digital cameras, and even more.

Indeed, one is tempted to say why put 3 auxiliary inputs plus 4 USB ports, it would not count on all devices sold with a single power supply, classic, on cigarette lighter, without USB socket such as GPS, driving assistants (French anti-radar), etc.

The four USB ports are divided into two categories: 2 ports (A) and 2 ports (NA): (A) for signed and Apple devices (NA) for non-Apple; clever, easy to use to meet all needs especially when traveling where they lack reloading means.

The power is sufficient to correctly charge two devices at the same time while using other functions on other devices, which is not negligible. I rebooted my I-Phone 4S as fast as a power outlet in just under 2 hours starting from an empty battery. This is a more than correct.

The charger comes with a scratch sticker to attach it securely wherever you want, this will allow for easy removal when you do not want to leave it for all to see once the parked vehicle. For daily use, I fixed all my center console next to the gear lever; it is more convenient as well. Finally, I can not do without me. It is also possible to put a USB power strip in one of the 3 types of records cigarette lighter to further extend the connection options. This is very useful when children are glued to their tablets during a long drive.

Much car charging option for a modest price gives it a remarkable value. An accessory to recommend, really. Especially since it accepts 12 and 24 volts! … My friends road surely understand me.