5 MIUI 7.2 Developments, Which Will Be Released Soon from China

Not even two months ago that we were presenting MIUI 7.1 and it is here the new version of ROM Xiaomi. It is clear that bringing two new mobile phones first rate and with so much expectation the market well deserved support by the side of the base software that brings installed, perhaps something more of what we have here.

MIUI 7.2 does not have too many changes with respect to which the company shared earlier this year, although it should be noted that the version for the my 5S require Android 6.0 Marshmallow. In his presentation, Xiaomi emphasizes three broad lines of improvement that, reviewing the full changelog, we can add a couple of new features that seem to me quite relevant to its users.

5 improvements to highlight MIUI 7.2

Two of the applications that most beneficiaries have left have been My move and Find. The first is the file manager, that in addition to receiving a complete redesign, now allows you to manage folders, photos and apps or make back-ups more easily and without having to go through a PC.

The second is an application with which to locate, lock or even erase the memory of the mobile or tablet remotely whenever it is turned on and connected to the internet. This option already have Android Device Manager or with some external as Cerberus or Prey applications, but it is clear that the companies win to incorporate it because they give the impression of greater security.

The main screen is the other major beneficiary of the news. On the one hand, receives a new weather widget It includes information that must be fashionable in China and that it could take a while to start to be used in some Spanish cities to find out if we will be able to get the car, the air pollution.

On the other hand, adds the option to fund a carousel of images to suit the user, even with personal photographs, that transform the mobile into a digital frame.

And fifth and last, a full review of the app’s memory wipe Deep clean, It is now able to manage videos and APK files and create a list of exceptions to be suggesting all the time to delete something that little use but you know you want to keep. One of its qualities is that he recommended deleting the worst among the pictures that are duplicated for space-saving.

In addition, the new version corrects or optimizes more than one score of failures related to the notification bar, the home menu, browser, music player or management and data storage.

MIUI 7.2 reach 20 models

MIUI 7.2 comes just a few hours after the release of two new models in China. Through Gimochina, we read that some Asian media speak of 4 million units sold of Xiaomi Mi 5 and some 200,000 of the Mi 4S in just one day. The first one is the only one that runs on Android 6.0 Marshmallow, since the new version of the my 4 runs Android 5.1 Lollipop as my 4 c.

They have also begun to receive update of the system who has my Note Pro models, my 4 c, my Pad, Redmi Note 4 G (uni-SIM) and Redmi 1S. The next week, from March 9, to reach the majority of smartphones and tablets House: My Note, Mi 3, Mi 4, my 4i, Mi 2/2S, my Pad 2, Redmi 3, Redmi Note 3, Redmi Note 2, Redmi Note 4 (dual SIM) G, Redmi Note 3 G, 2A Redmi and Redmi.

The end is the stable version of MIUI 7.2 international distribution. The website of the company does you not date, just says it’s coming soon, so it plays to wait until it is available.

170 million users

Xiaomi remains committed to create a version of Android itself with force, moving increasingly in the opposite direction to which they are taking plenty of large manufacturers, who bet on layers with some personality and after they have left them more raw. But they do so to consciousness, knowing that it is one of the best ROM existing and that they can continue conquering people.

In fact, during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona announced that MIUI has already reached 170 million users when little more than one year ago there were only 100 million. Overnight overnight its coat is has almost doubled and we don’t know exactly how it has been. Since then is because it is available to more than 340 different smartphones, of course, most other brands but also to that in 2015 alone sold some 65 million of own terminals.

With the great change already given in the previous version, which offers this 7.2 are mostly corrections. Perhaps Xiaomi my 5 and my 4S is would have deserved some more relevant detail.


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