9 GPS Navigators Tested-the Winners

After a deal for five rounds is one of the nine units as the sole winner.

Format and mounting

It should be easy to take with you when leaving the car Navigator and it is sad to have to look for the power cables on the car floor when we are back and will continue to run. The solution is simple and there are no shortcuts – an active holder with all electrical connections overall, it is only sensible to mount a navigator. Unfortunately, there are still passive mounts – of all manufacturers. Reprehensible. Possibly one can discern a positive trend – Garmin has started with the active holder for even a bit cheaper models and our site has finally stopped with passive mounts for the Go series.

If we add the bracket aside and look at the drive itself, we have a clear winner – Garmin NUvi 3790T Iphone-like is a really exciting news. The format is extremely smoothly without the screen surface has decreased and quality sentiment is high. Just below the Navigon 8410 placed – high-quality craftsmanship, but much clumsier than the Garmin unit. Mio devices like Navigon 6350 Live must settle for slightly lower score as a consequence of passive holders and easier build quality.

Winner: Garmin Nuvi 3790T


A navigator should be fast enough to run the menu system, route calculation and map views without annoying delays. A receiver with good sensitivity that quickly finds the position is, of course, a must for high score. SiRF gps receiver itself still delivers to most devices – often in the form of an integrated chip that holds both the positioning and the processor running interface. The difference in start times and reception sensitivity is negligible, but when it comes to response in the interfaces, it is possible to designate the winners and losers.

Units from Our site and Garmin is really fast, but has at the same time a bit simpler interface than Navigon. NAVIGON devices does not feel quite as well-oiled and it provides Garmin Nuvi 3790T an advantage because it has almost as good looking 3D views and higher screen resolution. NAVIGON shall, however, be a plus for the antenna connection and the ability to add Live device and television receiver at 8410-model. The ability to use an external antenna can be critical for reception in some vehicles. Units from the Mio is slower than the competition. It shows both routes are calculated and when doing some maneuvers in menu system — for example, to select an item in a long list.

Winner: Navigon 8410 and Garmin Nuvi 3790T


The units in the test have wide screens with resolution 480 x 272 pixel – with one exception. Garmin has raised the bar significantly, and focused on a screen with 800 x 480 pixel for the Nuvi 3790T-same resolution such as the HTC Desire. The size is still 4.3 inch, but the higher resolution gives a really sharp screen image and a high level of detail in the maps. NAVIGON 8410 and Our site XXL has a slightly larger 5-inch displays, but using the lower resolution. Garmin Nuvi 3790T will take home an additional fempoängare while Our site XXL and Navigon 8410 ranks just below.

Winner: Garmin Nuvi 3790T

Ease of use

A great menu layout and buttons that are large enough to press with your fingers gives a higher score than the lavish graphics and 3d effects. Our site had been really good to if it were not for that neither speech synthesizers or voice control works when the devices are set to Swedish. Our site screen interface are top class. Mio has a similar arrangement with a bit more minimalist interfaces-the settings are a bit more complicated than that of Our site, but the map display is nice and clear and Mio has a fabulous speech that keeps the score up there.

All Garminenheter is intuitive with well made interface, but the 3790T is clearly sharper than 1690 and 1390T thanks to the updated interface, voice control, 3D capabilities and responsiveness of the new touch screen. Both NAVIGON devices also have the speech synthesis, voice control and well done menus – an interface that almost outshone the competition in last year’s test. Now, Garmin has caught up and the top rating in the category is divided between three units.

Winner: Garmin Nuvi 3790T, Navigon, Navigon 8410 6350 Live


The big news in this year’s test are online services and the Garmin Mytrends – function guessing where to come from history. NAVIGON Live and Garmin NUlink services is fairly simple compared to what a better gps mobile performs, but simplicity with preconfigured SIMcard in the Navigator are hard to beat. Route calculation based on actual traffic flows at different time of the day was another news story last year, but this year it is only Garmin 1390T 1690 and lacking functionality.

Garmin Ecoroute – the feature that puts the environment score on driving style – also deserves to be mentioned here. It is simple to get started and make it fun to drive more fuel-efficiently. If you want to maximize the number of features is the choice, however, given – Navigon 8210. In addition to a packed navigator with the most extensive 3D capabilities can accommodate the unit a media player and it can be built out with more features — Live module and TV tuners are available as accessories.

Winner: Navigon 8210

Winner: Garmin Nuvi 3790T

Garmin has managed to build a navigator with 4.3-screen and all the important features – in a device that has only half as much volume as the most slim competitors. Sure, the man cheated — for example, by moving the loudspeaker to the bracket – but what does it matter when the Navigator is really nice, has a screen with razor-sharp images and easily slides down in his pocket. The interface has been endowed with 3D graphics, but old Nüvi users will recognize themselves and 3790T is a fast and easy-to-use device.