According to AnTuTu, Here Are The Most Powerful Smartphones Market Until October

With the holiday pointing campaign and the new fiscal year already visible on the horizon, AnTuTu He wanted to be part of the analysis of end of year and purchasing decisions updating your list of the most powerful smartphones the market, which has taken into account all tests performed in the application during the month of October.

Few changes over the previous months, both in the Android catalog as given to all platforms, then the iPhone 7 which still dominate with an iron fist. However, we doubt much of these results and not because the terminals of Apple to dominate, but by how complicated it is to compare compare disparate platforms.

Yes we see a relative surprise, because the Chinese manufacturer Smartisan M1L is placed fifth with a very high score, which exceeds even the OnePlus 3 or the ill-fated Galaxy Note 7. Surprise relative because the Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 ensured results very close to the throne. That a 3T OnePlus?

Arrival removed from the TOP10 to Nubia Z11, a smartphone with design “without frames” that is about to land in Spain formally, with a very interesting hardware and quite content priced at 499 euros.

Repeat the rest of devices in the list, with LeEco Le Pro 3 sending between androids Thanks to a complete table of specifications also dominated the 821 Snapdragon Qualcomm, 4 or 6 GB of RAM and a display of 5.5 inches with resolution FullHD 1. 080p.

Follow the Xiaomi Mi5s, Mi5s Plus, OnePlus 3, live Xplay 5, Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and LeEco you Max 2, accompanying in the TOP10 LeEco Le Pro 3 to the delight of a Chinese firm for the time being little known in our markets, but that there compared to Apple. Obviously, they become the Z11 Nubia and Lenovo Zuk Z2 Pro if we eliminate the iPhone and have only to Google’s platform.

The results of these lists of AnTuTu they take into account the average of scores of at least 2,000 units of the same model, and they gathered during the current month for the results periodically at the end of this month.

And remember also that, this type of performance tests should be taken as what they are, tests, and he is not leaving us a reliable brand of the user experience you get with the phone in every day. Yes it serves, that Yes, to show the maximum of their possibilities with respect to other devices.