Acer Aspire R7: Science Fiction Notebook with Touchscreen

With the help of a special hinge, you set up the touch screen of the Acer Aspire R7 in four different positions. In notebook mode, they seem to sit before a normal laptop. When the display mode is your counterpart considered the display and the R7 in the pad mode turns into a tablet. The Ezel mode in on an all-in one-PC, where the screen above the keyboard in the air hovering. The touchpad is located above the keys, and not as previously on notebooks usually below the keyboard. For the user, this means that he can tap on the keys, without his hands on Palm shelves or housing edges place to have to.

Acer Aspire R7 with full-HD display, and Windows 8

With technical details Acer held back even at the launch of the aspire R7 in New York. So it leaked so far only one size of 15.6 inches and a full HD resolution of the touch screen. The launch also suggests in May that at least initially still no HASWELL chips from Intel’s in the device, but the third generation of the core chips. As operating system Windows 8 to the usage comes naturally

Test: the best Ultrabooks

Leaderboard: Ultrabooks highlight could prove the screen grasp of technology, has introduced the Acer with the aspire R7. It allows you to objects on the touch screen access and manipulate so lift, crush or throw, when they held it in hand.

Price and availability

Acer makes the availability of the aspire R7 in Germany still no information. First the flexible notebook from May 14 will be exclusively available at the US electronics retailer best buy. A price range the manufacturer was also not out.