Acer Expands Its Service Cloud to Mobile Devices

Some manufacturers have opted to introduce services in the cloud for users of its equipment. This is the case of, for example, Acer that integrates their service Acer Cloud on all their computers. That with the limitation of access only from these computers.

However, at the end of the month will be possible to access our account in Acer from mobile cloud. More specifically from iOS and Android, something that began to miss. Taking into account that the Taiwanese company is working with Google’s operating system devices.

The application features with the basic functions that it can be expected of a service in the cloud. I.e., to store documents and reference without any kind of limitation rather than the of have Internet connection at that particular moment.

The desktop computer version, will also be updated and will begin to come from series on all Acer computers. Do not have any additional cost and, although not detail it, we understand that the mobile application will follow the same path.