Acer Iconia One 8 in the Test

The inexpensive Acer Iconia one 8 proves in practice, that it requires no expensive special pen sketches and notes.

The Acer Iconia one 8 is one of the few tablets that recognizes inputs with alternative writing utensils – a gratifying trend that may like to continue. Acer explained the secret of his precision-plus technology with a higher density of sensor detects the even narrower pen tips from two millimeters diameter. Otherwise here is a normal capacitive display.

Input without special pen

This means: the PIN must already have a minimum conductivity, materials such as plastic, wood, or the fingernail are little useful. Entries with knives, forks, scissors or even a screwdriver are quite possible, however, and can do any harm to the scratch-resistant display one at that.

Us present before series device the digital implementation followed on which the gestures still not as stable as in Lenovo’s Yoga Tablet 2 (test).

Naturally, also different materials produce different results; so it is worth to try out several pins or suitable objects. When but always is the need to record something spontaneously, or to explain, per sketch is a useful utensil guaranteed anywhere to manipulate the screen.


To the introduction of technology Acer has chosen rather than an expensive high-tech Tablet: the Acer Iconia one 8 belongs to a family that must fall and having already for 179 euro is sometimes children with standard equipment in sturdy plastic housing. This isn’t a business tablet in the race, but advertises itself as a cheap model for private use with additional strengths.


Against this background, it is also worth noting that the display of the Iconia one 8 already benefits from the advanced zero-air – gap technology. Here, the reflection and this is reduced that a layer of air has been eliminated in the display layout.


On the basis of Android Lollipop, Acer delivers the already well-known Iconia suite for media synchronization with your own server. To be added a gesture control and a document manager for the handwritten records. All can – uninstall if not satisfied what not always readily possible, showed how HPs Pro slate 8 (test).

Memory and endurance

As an alternative to the 16 gigabytes of test device, there will be a version with 32 gigabytes of memory. The battery, which was rather weak with about six hours proved expandable in the practice test.