Acer Liquid Z630 in the Test

The Acer liquid Z630 comes with one of the strongest battery who ever built in a Smartphone. Cracking the phone so that the endurance record? The connect-laboratory test is the answer. Acer is one of the world’s largest computer manufacturers, but that the company headquartered in Taiwan builds also smartphones, is in this country little known to most people. While it offers some interesting alternatives to the pabulum of Samsung and co. This liquid Z630 is a model: with a price of 200 euros, it is the Acer-strategy faithful to offer extensive features at a low price, but shows with his mighty 4000 mAh battery own character. The capacity of the energy storage is unusual not only in this price class.

Not a design out of the box

Given the sales price of 200 euros we can’t blame Acer, if very broad fails the border around the 5.5-inch display, so that the Z630 has become a regular block, not so simply disappearing into the Pocket. The overall height of nine millimetres contributes, which might be due to the strong battery. Despite its size, the Z630 weighs only 160 grams. This is amazingly little and should be especially because that Acer consistently relies on plastic for the case.

Here, the small feat manages the manufacturer to avoid a cheap look of the bar and instead their own accents. The removable back has a rough, ridged texture that feels good and is impervious to fingerprints. And the round holes for the speaker via the display falls immediately in the eye, as well as the thin strips in a shiny chrome finish that goes once around the entire frame.

Processing is clean, however, the case is not stiff – it can be slightly bend and twist in itself. In addition, a strong pressure on the screen immediately creates moire to the passage in question. All in all is the processing quality while not intoxicating, but still acceptable and reasonable price.

Two 8 mega pixels

The display provides at best a solid performance. The resolution not particularly high, is class common and yet sufficiently sharp to 5.5 inches with 1280 x 720 pixels, the luminous but with 333 candela which might hamper the readability in the Sun combined with the relatively highly reflective surface. Below the screen, a quad-core processor by Mediatek (MT6735), which has access to 2 GB memory works. In everyday life, the power is sufficient, the system responded during our test always without any delay. Of course, the loading times for apps are longer than at a top Smartphone, and you should expect no good performance for graphics-intensive games.

The camera equipment is unusual, because Acer incorporates front and rear respectively an 8-megapixel optics. For the front-facing camera that is at most lower average high resolution, for the main camera. Just as one can describe the picture quality: while Selfies and video calls via Skype look relatively good, the main camera is at the most for taking snapshots to use. The light output is disappointing, so that photos in most cases are too dark, in addition, the noise ratio is very high. After all, there are numerous to name modes and options that can be controlled via a colorful playful, but still clear menu.

Android 5.1 and much memory

Acer uses the latest Android version 5.1 and only subtly changes the surface, enriched but with numerous own software solutions it, which primarily serve to connect computer and Smartphone through the cloud. This also means that an Acer ID is mandatory if you want to use the file manager, the photo gallery or the music app of the manufacturer. Who has Acer’s cloud solutions already in use because a PC at home is the brand, you will find real value here. For everyone else, Android offers sufficient alternatives by Google and other providers.

Also, the app Acer extend which allows the remote control of smartphones via PC shows that Acer comes from the PC industry. This software must be installed on the PC, duplicated the Smartphone display. You can then write SMS or E-mails via keyboard, can be operated via mouse. Liked us also has the Navi app by TomTom (“Acer NAV’), which stores the maps on the device and works even without a data connection. Many pre-installed games and apps that clog the memory and the main menu are, however, less beautiful.

We have counted a total of six games, plus apps by and eBay. Fortunately, the internal memory with 16 GB of which factory are almost 12 GB available, is pleasing large for a Smartphone of this price class. Who needs more, can be added with a micro SD card, but the slot is designed so that you must remove the battery to move the map.

Strong radio

In the two slots for micro-SIM cards will come only, who has removed the battery. Both are LTEfähig and conveniently manage via an entry in the Setup menu. The radio properties are convincing through the Bank, in the UMTS network that brings even the full score Z630 liquid.

Also the term is outstanding, what 4000 mAh powerful battery is no surprise but at one. With less than nine hours in the connect using mix thats Z630 liquid ausdauerndste Smartphone, we have tested by 2015. The device may but no new records, which is mainly because that the Z630 wasteful is the energy available. The comparatively short conversation times show that especially in the UMTS network.

Conclusion: Few alternatives

Anyone looking for a cheap phone with long battery life, do not get around liquid virtually Z630 that. Devices with a similar endurance are considerably more expensive or equipped with outdated software. In view of this fact, it is then willing to overlook the weaknesses in the processing and camera of the Acer Smartphone.