Almost 1 Million Apple Watches Were Ordered on The First Day of Sale

On Friday of last week (10/4), Apple started the pre-order Apple Watch online, new product of the company. And, according to marketing consulting and virtual Slice trade Intelligence, in just one day, 957,000 units have been ordered smart clock, just in the United States.

The estimate presented by the Slice Intelligence was based on data obtained with electronic receipts of 9,080 virtual vendors, says TechCrunch. One of the three Apple Watch models available, the most popular was the Sport, just the cheaper (costing from $349). He was the choice of 62% of consumers who wanted to ensure, already on the first day, the smart watch. The second cheapest version starts at $549, while the most luxurious model, of gold, have the exorbitant amount of $10000.

Also according to the Slice Intelligence, the new Macbook was also object of desire by buyers on the first day of pre-sale, but in much smaller scale when compared to Apple Watch. Were ordered units of the new computer 48000. The colour Space Grey model was the most popular, having been the choice of 58 percent of buyers. In addition, were also sold more Macbooks with 512 GB of HD than the version with 256 GB.

The data also indicate that 43% of people who ordered a new Macbook also opted to buy a Apple Watch on the same day.

According to fashion analysts, the prediction is that the intelligent Watch Apple reach the milestone of 20 million units sold. Apple hasn’t spoken out about those numbers, but it is possible that she release official data soon.

The pre-sale begins on Friday also occurred in Australia, in Canada, China, France, Germany, Japan, in the in the United Kingdom and in Hong Kong. The forecast for the delivery of the first units is for the beginning of May.