Amazon Plans to Use Nokia Maps on Your Android Devices Regardless of Google Maps

There is an important front opened between technology giants by the location and the native mapping that will use their devices. Apple has already announced that it happily of the maps from Google Maps on iOS 6 but now time in which there is speculation the new tablet Kindle Fire, it seems that Amazon wants to go another step further in the independence of their Android tablets Google using the maps Ovi Nokia Maps.

Amazon raises offer location in the next Kindle Fire capabilities and give a good account of the company that bought recently dedicated to known as UpNext 3D maps. It must be remembered that Amazon development its own version of Android, a highly personalized fork that does not include Google applications, not even found in the Amazon App Store.

The agreement between Nokia and Amazon enable an interesting development of alternatives to Google in Android maps. A solution in principle available only to tablets from Amazon but which would extend the use of the above maps Nokia beyond the Windows Phone that already include them as the 800 and 900 Lumia. Who knows if later we can install application Nokia maps on any Android

Definitely Amazon with its app store, your fork of Android and its own maps you want to be completely independent of Google apps and the Android experience that offers the search engine.