Amazon Will Return Part of The Money to The Parents by Unauthorized in-App Purchases

The world of shopping within applications, or in-app purchase, can be very murky, as you have many cases of purchases not authorized within applications. Even though both Apple and Google have already had problems with the law with this case, this time it is Amazon that takes the leading role.

The Amazon app store contains a huge amount of apps that work on Android (works as an alternative to Google Play store), but the two applications that have led you to the problem are Ice Age Village and Pet Shop Story, two games that land very often in children.

It is that shopping in-app from these two games are extremely easy to perform by the smaller House without authorization which ultimately end up paying, so the Federal Trade Commission (FTC for its acronym in English) has requested compensation from 26.5 $ million (while the total amount of unauthorized purchases is 86 million), although the judge in charge of the case considered that figure too high.

Of the 86 million dollars in unauthorized in-app purchase, the FTC asks as 26.5 million compensation, although the judge in the case deemed an excessive amount. Such compensation not can pay with cards Amazon gift.

Likewise, Amazon asked to pay that compensation to the parents of minors who made those purchases with their gift cards, which was rejected. Amazon joins the club of the hunted by the FTC together Apple ($ 32 million) and Google (approximately $ 19 million).

It is clear that the three companies they will have to improve security to prevent unauthorized in-app payments, especially now that the fingerprint sensor is so widespread, it would be a method not only safer, but also faster, so is time to put the batteries and extend the payments with the footprint to all their apps.