AmbyGear: the Shows to Watch His Child Remotely

The small company Ambit Network recently reached its goal of don on Indiegogo for his smart watch for children. This watch includes a GPS, educational content and games for children.

Smart Watches for children are not lacking. Between Filip or the Kidizoom Smart Watch, children are already connected, but these models are often more applications for parents as for children.

A Fun Accessory

Ambit Network focuses on the playful side for appeal to children from 3 to 11 years. At this age, they are too young to have a smartphone, but to make them wear the watch, there that they benefit. Thus, the AmbyGear incorporates a reward system that allows children to accumulate points every day for their activities. These points can then be redeemed for rewards previously set by educationvv.

A range of educational games based on the age of the child is also on the program. Third-party developers can create their own applications, since all will be open source. At the level of the educational content, the watch will encourage kindness, responsibility, or physical activity. For example, one of the applications is a real treasure hunt where children explore nature to find hidden objects.

Reassure Parents

If children are at the heart of the project, the parents are not forgotten. Thanks to the GPS chip built-in, parents can locate their offspring, but on the other hand, children can easily find MOM or dad if they feel insecure or if they are lost. So finished ads at the supermarket of children lost in the middle of the RADIUS yogurt.

A close the SMS feature is also present on the device. Parents can send a short message to their children who may acquiesce by pressing a button. Parents can also receive alerts when their children leave a predefined area or when they decide to remove their watch.

Me Patrick, founder and president of the company had the idea after having had the unpleasant experience of losing her daughter in a store, and this for very long minutes. ‘ More than 1,000 parents are facing similar situations every day in the United States ‘, he explains.

Price and Availability

AmbyGear should be available for September 2015 in red, blue, green and white. In terms of price, the first 100 will be able to enjoy a special rate of $ 99 (90 euros), for the following take 129 dollars (115 euros).