And The Country That BlackBerry Is Still The Second Operating System Fee Is… Venezuela

Whenever different consulting published data in market share or sales of terminals according to your operating system see as while Android and iOS have a near duopoly with Windows Phone behind other operating systems often do not reach or 1% of share.

In that small space are recent creation options, as Firefox OS, or legends come unless, as Symbian or BlackBerry. But despite the reduced fee BlackBerry still maintains a stronghold where It is still the second option, just behind Android, Venezuela.

That’s right. That country that so much we hear about in the Spanish television political talk shows is news on this occasion for a very different reason. And is that Venezuela should be the pride of the Canadian brand, since the BlackBerry keeps a 30.92% market share, only after the 39.2% of Android and well ahead of the 5.4% of Windows Phone and the low 4.1% of iOS. Curiously in the category of other operating systems, where would fit Firefox OS or Symbian, the fee is 19.8%, but not is it can be attributed to no particular system in the absence data separately.

Less than nine points separate Android BlackBerry, leading also in Venezuela

Quickly the argument it could come to head that the Venezuelan economy is not to buy iPhones, in fact the penetration of smartphones is by 44%, but could be another important reason. The strong presence of oil companies in the country would boost BlackBerry Thanks to your system’s security, as it was shown when in Sony Pictures had to dust off their old BlackBerrys.

Seen that Venezuela seems to be one of the few countries where BlackBerry continues to be strong, would not go you wrong John Chen give a tour of the country to try to export formula of success there to other countries. But hopefully the next few days, since Canadians could have us booked some new terminal, mid-range, to MWC.