Android 4.0: Google provides More Comfort on Smartphones

Together with the new Samsung Galaxy nexus showed Google at a press conference in Hong Kong (October 19) the next generation of its Smartphone operating system: Android 4.0 code named ice cream sandwich. The first reviews by experts: the Google software combines good ideas of competition and complemented by meaningful developments.
Presented: HD Smartphone Samsung Galaxy Nexus

The Surface

The look of Android 4.0 is based on the honeycomb operating system, specially brought out Google at the beginning of the year for tablets. These include three controls for back, home and multi-tasking, which form the end of the image on-screen symbols down. Widgets can be adapted in size, new folders with a few tip commands apply.

The new Android 4.0

18 screenshots details about ice cream sandwich more multimedia

The photo mode can be reached quickly from the lock screen also. For photo fans, Android 4.0 comes with a fairly extensive editing software for photos and videos. The geknipsten images and created clips should allow much easier to pass on to others. In addition, the operating system has a panorama function for the mobile phone camera in his luggage.

Voice and text recognition
Not quite as refined as Siri, but handy for tip-lazy users: SMS messages, emails, and other text messages can dictate to the phone. After tapping a microphone symbol, the cell phone enables speech. Who would rather types, benefits the touch of an improved on-screen keyboard, accurately registered. A new spelling checker ensures comfortable texts.

Android beam
you exchange data in a matter of seconds via Android beam: suffice, two NFC enabled (stands for: Near Field Communication) Smartphones to keep each other short. Further input by the user are not necessary.

Manage data volume
A connection overview displays information about the volume of data created by the surfing and downloads. The user can create a limit or suspend services.

For smartphones, Tablet PCs, and Google TV

Ice cream sandwich is the merging of the previous development lines and serves as the standard operating system for smartphones, Tablet PCs, and Google TV devices. Despite performance-enhancing improvements to the system want the developers who keep low hardware requirements. According to Google, practically every phone that was delivered with Android 2.3, will be upgradeable to the new version of 4.

Impact on the app market

The programming interface in the system has also unified Google, so that the work for app developers in the future is simplified: the customization of an application on the current version of the system is thus no longer necessary. That will be located in the future on diversity in the Android market. (jd)