Android Kitkat Will Have Support For Google Glass and Watch Smart

While Google does not reveal the your Android 4.4 KitKat, a lot of information about the operating system appear in the media. This time, a classified document from Google that has been shared with companies that manufacture mobile devices Android just leaking.

According to Engadget, the file suggests that the new KitKat will come with support for Google’s augmented reality glasses Glass and also for smart watches, however, your big target are still the tablets and smartphones.

According to the manual, the system “optimizes memory usage on each major component” and will still collaborate with developers to create intelligent applications able to consume less memory. The intention is that the software can fit well in both top of the line appliances, as well as less complex devices.

In the leaked document also reportedly details about improvements in Bluetooth connection, which could allow the use of new accessories and input devices, and still use infrared to control televisions and other appliances of this type.

The operating system would also be able to store some data for use with NFC systems, such as credit cards, bus fare and other cards that are used by users.

Android KitKat will also have the function to transform the user in a “remote control” and offer a variety of tasks. In addition, you will be able to count on support for three new types of sensors: geomagnetic rotation vector, and pedometer steps.

According to the SCIENCEDICT, the tools will be greater when the features cited giant launch their first smart watches.

The full-screen model of the system also will suffer changes, thus facilitating the work of the developers at the moment of adding new interfaces. The navigation bar will not be visible at all times, as already occurs on computers.

The site, South Korea’s ETNews, goes even further, he says the Kitkat have great focus on Smart TVs.

Google did not confirm any information about your operating system.

The new Android should be presented in late November, which must also be presented the smartphone Nexus 5.