Android Maintains Its Leadership in Spain

Kantar has just presented the latest results of the mobile telephony market giving cal uan and other sand to an Android who, while rises in countries such as the United States and Japan, begins to experience a worrying stalemate in Europe, where has its market share fallen by 2.3% from last year.

This stagnation is still somewhat less in our country, one of the few in which grow the mobile operating system of Google chalking up a 2% rise. In terms of manufacturers there seems to be too much color and Samsung dominates, but they begin to appear emerging operators as BQ as we see in Engadget Mobile is you start to position as a rival to be reckoned.

As for other operating systems, see iOS also grows although somewhat timidly chalking up 0.8%, and that both Google and Apple are growing at the expense of a Windows Phone that collapses down 4.8% market share which had last year to 2.5% in June of 2015. Other operating systems you have to settle for 0.6%.

But good health is Android in our market contrasts with the rest of the main European countries. Without going any further, in Great Britain has fallen 4.9%, Germany 3.9% and in Italy by 3.1%. Outside our borders, in Asia, Android collapses 5.8% in china but rises 7.3% taking from him the throne to Apple.