Android Market Surpasses 250,000 Applications

Yesterday Google not limited to take stock of the sales of Android mobiles, that he also updated data does the current situation of the Android Market, both applications available as the number of applications downloaded by all users of Android.

They are already more than 250,000 applications that are available for download at the official store of Android. The last data we had was the Google I/o 2011 where we saw that the figure was 200,000 applications, so we see that Android Market has grown 25% in two months.

All these applications have the Android Market to exceed the 6,000 million downloads. The latest figures that we had were from two weeks ago, where 4,500 million downloads, came with it in two weeks has been made 1,500 million applications, figure that the last time takes 2 months to get.

The growth is exponential. All this is thanks to the most of 130 million Android devices What’s on the market, which means that on average every Android device has downloaded a 46 applications.

Its most direct competition, Apple’s AppStore, also recently updated its data, where reported that they had passed 425 thousand applications, of which 100 thousand are exclusive to the iPad, and the 200 million devices with iOS (iPhone/iPad/iPod) already had downloaded more than 15,000 million applications.

As we see Android slowly going cutting distances from iOS devices. If he continues with this pace within a few months it will be more profitable to launch applications in the Android Market that in the AppStore, so the developers will begin to prioritize launches on Android, as we have already seen what has happened with Foursquare.