Android May Not Be Opened, Due to The Purchase of Motorola by Google, According to The CEO of HP

The Android community in general is very proud of its operating system, among other things by the large community that is behind it thanks to precisely to that Google keeps it open. But this may not be so, as the new CEO of HP, Meg Whitman, has said that with Motorola as part of Google, could close the mobile operating system.

This happened yesterday at a Conference in Las Vegas to channel partners of the company, in which after commenting that WebOS would take two to five years to become open source and that Apple was a great closed system, concluded that Google could follow the same steps This.

This would be because, according to Whitman, the acquisition of Motorola Mobility by Google. Since Once Google taking over Motorola will control both the creation of software and hardware production.

But nothing further from the truth. To Google that is not interested and already dealt with leave it clear in your day saying that Android system would not be affected in a direct way. The business model of the big G is other than all we already know: reach more people better.

While it was clear that Google was not only looking for a defense of patent, you can now have a favorite manufacturer, with permission from Samsung, to optimize its own software. So in principle there is that worry, Since in general the CEO likes to talk more than necessary.