Android Watches – Is It Worth Having One?

Just as smartphones have done with phones, smartwatches provide direct access to certain types of information and smart features to try to add more convenience to your life. While most smartwatches take a similar application-based approach, they are all different. One of the most common types of smartwatches are those that have the Android operating system.

Like everything new in the world of technology, we must receive some products with qualifications. Many of those products that were thought of as “innovators” and “revolutionaries” died in a matter of a few years. Will today or in the near future smartwatches prove worthy revolutionaries?

Technological Innovations In The Modern World

As with leading-edge technology, smartwatches currently exist for so-called early adopters. These are groups of people who pay expensive prices to have innovative and unique products first. These are the people who take risks and who give feedback to companies about smart watches. If you’ve seen improvements in Android watches in recent years, thank those people.

This same audience is one that seeks innovations in every corner and is always “tuned in”. They will not always get right on the technologies and they will not always like what they buy, but they are constantly wanting innovations.

The Advent Of Intelligent Clocks: A Revolution?

Through my experience, I’ve found people who want the following from a smartwatch:

Notifications But Without Spending Too Much Time On The Phone

Smartwatches stay on your wrist and tell you what’s going on A2ZGOV. You can look to see if you just get an important message or if you can ignore it. This is the biggest advantage, because you can keep informed when you go out on the street without abruptly interrupting activities with the real people. By banning the smartphone from your social life, you will not seem bored in meetings, you will not seem disinterested in a meeting, and you will not distract other viewers in a movie theater with the screen of the smartphone overly bright to see that someone alone Sent you a text.The watch allows you to stay connected and informed constantly without interrupting your life.

A Watch That Actually Does Something Without Paying Much More For It

Watches do not seem much more relevant because they simply tell time, something that today a cell phone can do without taking up space on your wrist, such as counting your steps, physical exercises, monitoring heartbeat, and so on. While some prefer to check the weather more easily and / or prefer the aesthetic of a wristwatch (for nothing), you get a lot more from a SmartWatch and really do not pay much of an additional cost. This may seem like a strange statement when you look at the price tags of a smart watch but if you buy a good watch for its aesthetic value you can afford the same but gaining more status. If you want a cheaper watch, this obviously does not apply. You can buy cheap watches that look good, but many premium options fall within the same price range as smartwatches.

Smart watches are gaining space and promise as much wearable devices. (Photo:

A Watch That You Can Update And Customize

While not all smartwatches offer ways to add tons of new features, pairing with smartphone apps and constant updating by developers improves functionality on a regular basis. However, you can not do everything with your smartwatch now, but you will have the opportunity to do much later without having to buy a new device, especially in the case of Android watches, which look exactly like your face.

But, However, However …

Despite these benefits, you may not want to get on the ship of smart watches. Over the next, wearable technology will evolve significantly. Google comes in with its Glass and for more than years it has been said that Apple is also developing wearable devices. Sony. Samsung and LG follow behind, developing the first models with Android or proprietary systems, experimenting with different configurations, patterns and models. Even with so many companies getting on the train, some reasons may convince you that the smartwatch is not the right time yet.

Smartwatches Are Still Very Expensive

Just like designer wristwatches, smartwatches are expensive as are smartphones. And you’re paying a lot for a product that every day will have to put in the base to recharge, even running over the risk of getting a block off on the wrist if you forget your charger on a trip, for example.

Smartwatches Are Bulky And Without Style

Even the finest smart watches that emerge will still be thick, just like “trombone watches” that you can find from various brands out there. It may sound cool, but “trombolhos” has the mark and status that a smart watch will not win so soon. After all, the watch will still need a battery and if you need a camera, forget it will look thinner.

Is There Any Hope That Smartwatches Will Be Worth It?

You may be able to skip the awkward design if you have a longer lasting handset. Or do not worry about sacrificing size because of a more discreet and easily accessible camera on your wrist. But compared to similar devices, practically everyone else does a better job. Discrete camera? Use a sports camera. Want to monitor your heart rate?There are much more discreet wristbands on the market that can get a lot more data than a smartwatch.

But all this can be solved with applications. The problem is that smartwatches still need to overcome some obstacles. There are ideas of smart watches using e-ink screens, which would give much longer battery life to the device. With a little more time and development, smartwatches can be the solution to the right amount of notifications and updates. You will be able to choose exactly what information you need in a snap . But, today’s smart watch simply does not deliver enough to be a true differential.

So How Will You Know When That Android Watch Is Ready To Play An Important Role In Your Life?

Wait for a good project will not be ashamed to use, even if it is now. Look at the battery life that supports your typical day to day routine. Compare prices, test models, compare them and see if that device has everything you need. Applications are coming in slowly. And while they’re coming, you’re adapting to your new routine with your smart watch.

If you have any questions, please ask your questions in the comments below. Also leave your opinions on smart watches. We want to hear from you to continue with good quality stories that really help our readers.