Android Wear 2.0: Google Launches on the Market of the Connected Watch

The first equipped connected watch of the new version of the Google OS, Android Wear 2.0, coming early in the year 2017. And since one is never better served than by yourself, the American giant intends to launch two models, manufactured by a third party, but the design will be controlled by him.

After launching its own smartphones under the name Pixel, Google will tackle the connected watch market. This is the “The Verge” site that confirms this information that journalists take the product manager Android Wear himself, Jeff Chang. In a market that has experienced a difficult 2016, Google will impose its products and highlight the new version of its OS specially developed for wearable, Android 2.0 Wear products.

Google: Two Watches Android Wear 2.0 Early 2017

While some manufacturers give a little up, Google continues to believe in the connected watch and announces that it will launch two models with Android 2.0 Wear during the first quarter of 2017. This new version is will be overdue. The Mountain View company had indeed disclosed it there 7 months but no product is still equipped with. The first Android 2.0 Wear watches should therefore show up shortly, starting with those designed by Google.

The Manager in Android Wear however revealed no technical details about these two watches. We know not what Google partner chose to make. It would in any case a builder who would have already made Android Wear watches. However, the Internet giant could benefit from these which will take place in Las Vegas early January 2017 to tell us a little more about his future two connected watch. Other brands could also present their models equipped with Android 2.0 Wear during this show.

More Autonomous Android Wear Watches

One of the main features of Android Wear 2.0 is the support for applications that can function independently. That is that the watch will not need to be linked to a smartphone. A characteristic awaited amongst users of these smart watches. The wizard of Google, present in the Pixel will also take part as Pay Android, developed by Google contactless payment system.

Some already commercialized connected watch will receive an update to version 2.0 of the Android Wear. For example, this will be the case of the M600 Polar, the bike 360 Gen 2 and 360 Sport, the Asus ZenWatch 2 and 3, the Huawei Watch or even the LG watch Urbane. However, they will not necessarily benefit from all the new features introduced by this update. In order to use Android Pay, they must be compatible with NFC technology, for example.