Android Web Market Is Now Compatible with Non-Official Devices

In the world the number of devices and manufacturers involved Android has grown exponentially in recent months, which has led many of those devices are not officially supported by Google.

In practice, we can summarize in that there are multiple devices that have installed Android, You can not use Google applications, including Android Market. Examples of this can be the Amazon Kindle Fire or Nook Color, to name some of them. In addition, thanks to the community of developers, other devices have failed to install despite not being designed for this purpose, as the HTC HD2 Android.

Many of these devices have been able to enjoy, thanks to the community of Android Market unofficially, but in them It was not possible to use the Web Market version to send applications directly to the device.

Now, however, is possible to use the Android Market website to buy applications from the computer and send them directly to an unsupported Android device in an official way. As you can see in the picture illustrating the article, from now on will be in the list of compatible devices with an application to the TouchPad, HD2, Kindle Fire or other appliances that have not been approved in no time by Google.

Actually, it is not more than one News curious, Although surely the users of those devices “ non-official ” will appreciate the gesture by the giant Mountain View.