AOL Paid $ 300 Million for the Huffington Post

What to do when your source of revenue starts to decline? In the case of AOL, shoots everywhere. The company, which last year acquired TechCrunch – which turns and moves we use as a source here in TB – made ​​over a millionaire ad. The company will buy the site Huffington Post for no less than US $ 315 million.

Even more impressive: $ 300 million will be paid in cash live, to general merriment of the shareholders of HuffPost (as the site is known internally). The other $ 15 million will be in the very AOL shares.

This news confirms the AOL strategy to focus almost entirely on content. Note that the company did not give further work to develop a good service e-mail, or to invent browsers too crazy. Time AOL that depended on dial-up Internet is gone.

In a scenario where the editorial content is valued, the arrival of the Huffington Post to AOL group of sites should be highlighted. The news site is the second most visited of this category in the United States, second only to the traditional New York Times (this should change soon). It is not difficult for a post of its founder, the Arianna Huffington, reach over a thousand comments within a few hours.

Incidentally, Arianna will have great importance in the future of AOL. She will take over the entire editorial production department of the new company which includes the portal and news site. Thus, AOL may have a stronger content in the coming months, not to mention that now has 12 million monthly visitors who access the Huffington Post.

Legend has it that AOL could reach 200 million visitors per month with the latest acquisitions. It will be? Anyway, now let warned that the our site is not for sale.