Apple has a serious problem with Watch?

The large amount of ordered Apple* Watch-smartwatches is not the only challenge Apple should handle …

Apple Watch Smartwatch

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Apple Watch

We have already written about that several users have complained that it was easy to destroy Apple Watch, as well as to Apple Watch does not work if you have tattoos on the skin under it. But it looks as if Apple Watch models have a larger defect …

Apple Watch: Error with “taptic”-engine

Taptic-engine makes smartwatchet vibrates to tell the user about various messages, notifications, etc. There are only two suppliers who produce these engines, and one of them has produced defective engines. The engines from AAC Technologies Holdings will be destroyed with time, according to rumors, and they have been delivered to Apple.

It looks like Apple has replaced most engines with engines made by Nidec Corp. of Japan, which does not have this defect. But it can certainly be a bad beginning for a smartwatch-top model.