Apple iWatch Rumor Roundup

As we have written in a special article for iWatch, the long-awaited smart watch Apple’s long been a media star, although it is not known whether this will be his name, much less know whether it exists. Along with all this information fog broke and deafening cacophony of rumors, fabrications nonsense, fortune telling, logical assumptions and even satirical creations. This led to the presentation of iWatch, but a joke. It is a parody, created by the same comedians who last year created the famed humorous video presentation of the Apple iPhone 5s.

The video is above this paragraph, but it will take a little sum it up. It was CEO (Chief executive officer) of something his. It presents a product that will help in answering the eternal question – “What time is it?”. We are talking about e Watches (see – the latest “magical” product of Apple, which will not only check the time, but will alert will assist texting with virtual keyboard will allow you to read books and even supported games. All these features are topped with a battery life of “a whole hour in standby mode”. The built-in GPS-pedometer you will send real-time location of the holder to the relevant security agencies. Otherwise, the latest rumors and “baeneta” along iWatch suggest that the smart watch Apple’s will be available in two sizes, which will have 1.3 “and 1.5 “OLED displays, which will also be flexible. A normal sound assumptions about the presence of multiple biometric and physiological sensors, NFC connectivity, wireless charging cover for screen sapphire crystal and a battery of 200-250 mAh. Stahl himself iWatch work with modified iOS 8, ​​and the cost would be $ 300, but there may be different versions with different materials. Again we hear regular and detailed “bakaliyski” accounts for millions of units of smart watches of Apple, which will be sold each month. Insiders guaranteed the presentation of wearable device in October. The only thing we consider reasonable (about focusing on expectations iOS 8 with HealthKit/Health to healthcare and sports applications) is the strongest of concentration of potential iWatch in health, sports and fitness features including collection of data on calories consumed, activity, sleep, blood sugar, blood saturation with oxygen, etc. Perhaps Apple has liked the financial viability of the technologies related to health, health, medical and insurance innovation.
And finally there will be no iWatch, just a fitness tracker, created by “eypalskite” high standards? Or something completely different and unexpected?