Apple Pay On Iphone 5, 5C And 5S Will Be Possible With Apple Watch

The arrival of another Apple news is expected tomorrow. It should be in the Spring forward event that Apple Watch will be presented in detail and all its features described and explained.

There are many doubts that are sure to be clarified at this event, but some are slowly beginning to be made public.

One of the certainties that has now been clarified is that Watch will guarantee access to Apple Pay on the older iPhone models.

Of the many questions that exist about Apple Watch and its use, integration with Apple Pay has been intriguing users.

Indicated from its first presentation that this payment system from Apple will be supported by the smart watch, it was never clear whether its operation would depend on the smartphone or whether it would be completely independent.

In an interview that Apple’s senior vice president of Apple’s software and Internet services, Edy Cue gave CNet this high-profile picture of Apple explained a little more how these systems relate and how they will interact.

Apple Watch will have the ability to make payments and act (almost) autonomously, only needing to communicate with the iPhone to ensure the correct payment process.

It is now possible for the iPhone 5, 5C and 5S to start using the Apple payment system whenever they are connected to an Apple Watch.

By being able to communicate directly with payment terminals, Apple Watch ends up being able to add to the older iPhone models extra functionality that was missing.

The limitation of use of Apple Pay in these older terminals is in the absence of NFC, which with the Watch present is guaranteed. The communication between the iPhone and the Watch is carried out by Bluetooth and the rest of the communication between the payment terminal and the Watch is done by NFC.

But from this interview came out some more information that shows the levels of security that Apple is putting not only in the fashion watch, but also in how it will relate to the services provided.

Using Watch to make these payments requires initial authentication, made directly to the iPhone, using the pin or the Touch ID, which unlocks its use. But the following payments and the necessary communications are allowed.

The moment the user removes the watch from his wrist and hands it to another person, the process must be repeated and the authorization renewed.

Of course this process is optional and the user can always have their watch unlocked and ready to make payments.

There is still a lot to be figured out about what Apple has been preparing for its latest device, showing that the wait will have been offset.

Everything points to be a much more complete watch than those that are in the market and with unique characteristics that will obfuscate the competition, thus launching the company in a new market where it will dictate the rules and the expectations of the consumers.

Tomorrow, at the end of the afternoon, if all the rumors are confirmed, all the details and details of Apple Watch will finally be known. The Spring forward event will be the stage where the Watch will shine.