Apple Plans to sell More Than 20 Million Watches In 2015

TAIPEI-Apple intends to sell at least 20 million smart watches this year. The volume is well above the forecasts of analysts, according to sources of the supply chain.

Estimates for the Apple Watch, the first “wearable” Apple whose sales were started this Friday, 24, vary a great deal, since it’s a relatively new consumer product and market, unexplored.

But while sales of smart watches should be well below the recorded by the iPhone, the Apple production plan itself indicates that the company is optimistic about your potential, said sources at companies that manufacture components for the watch.

Supply chain companies estimate that Apple must ship out 2 million watches per month in the current quarter, said one of the sources. Another source said that Apple plans to embark watches 26 million this year.

Apple refused to comment on your production plan.

The company usually works with three or more suppliers of electronic components to ensure a stable supply if there is a spike of demand, supply chain sources stated the American company.

One of these suppliers received order to equip 15,650,000 watches between January and August, said one of the sources.

Before the first quarter, there were predictions that reached the 36 million units in 2015, said one of the sources.

“But then, when production began to accelerate in the first quarter and the problems were appearing, the estimate was cut,” said the source. Since then the production of the clock has gone relatively well, he added.