Apple Watch 2 Health Tracking

The Apple Watch doesn’t even have a unique price, since the first wishing already the improved Apple Watch 2 itself. These people include Dr. Robert Pearl, who sees only as a first step the first wearable by Apple. In an interview with Forbes, the surgeon and Stanford professor explained what he wants from the next generation of health-gadgets.

The limiting factor in the care of patients was not a lack of information about blood pressure, pulse, and such values for a doctor according to Pearl. For this reason, the Apple Watch for him was also still no compelling health gadget. Instead of a bracelet that draws tons of data, the doctor wishes you a Smartwatch then supported the people, when he abandoned the practice of the physician.

In his opinion, it would help if future wearables like the Apple Watch 2 would sound the alarm, for example, if the values of the patients indicated a problem. Also, a reminder to taking the own drugs would make sense if the clock determines based on their measurements that the last dosage is now mined by the body.

Sensor data of Apple Watch are just the fuel for useful apps

Dr. Pearl apparently sees potential in wearables, but him fairly simple from a medical perspective functions of current devices are still not useful enough. Because the Apple Watch but not even on the market and even no corresponding apps are offered, begs the question what could come here: history of smartphones has shown that many developers very creative ideas for the use of the installed sensors – and maybe there’s even no Apple Watch 2, but only the correct app , to tickle the one or the other really health-promoting function from the Apple Watch.