Apple Watch 2 Must Come With Gps And Faster Processor

With all the attention focused on the new iPhone 7, many people forget that Apple is expected to announce by the end of the year, a new version of your smart watch. Apple Watch 2 characteristics have not yet been detailed by Tim Cook, but some information about the device have already begun to circulate on the internet, such as release date and the possible features.

According to an analyst at KGI, Ming-Chi Kuo, the new version of Apple’s clock should hit the market by the end of the year, being announced along with the iPhone 7:00 pm Sep. Despite not having any type of change in the design of the device, the Watch will have some new features and technical innovations.

According to Kuo, the clock should come with a GPS, barometer, himself a resistance to water and dust, improvements in battery and a more powerful processor. The wearable would be as a version of the iPhone, with few external changes, but with improvements on the inside.

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Kuo also said that Apple will launch a version of the Watch—without these new enhancements—cheaper and simpler to make wearable more accessible to the general public. With that, the device would have a reduction of about $100.