Apple Watch New Features

Apple has the final version of watchOS on his keynote in San Francisco presented 3. The operating system for the Apple Watch and the new Apple Watch series 2 could be tested in the last few weeks already in the beta version and is now finished.

These are the new features at a glance:

Emergency call function: When an accident or emergency you can and hold for six seconds the button on the side. Your stored emergency contacts will then get a message including your site. Also called the competent emergency services.

Pokémon GO: The popular augmented reality game can be played directly on the Apple Watch (coming at the end of the year).

Breathe: Daily relaxation through breathing exercises: the Smartwatch guides us.

Unlock Mac: who calls his own a Mac and Apple Watch, can now use the smart watch to automatically unlock of the computer – no password or login. Only at the start of the Macs you have to register once as usual. Bluetooth hardware then realizes that her approaching you with the Apple wearable and unlocks the access. But, requires the activation of the “two-factor authentication” in iCloud.

New app dock: you have with watchOS 3 a better overview over open apps and can multitask better and faster apps change, because ongoing now be paused in the background.

News: You can paint letters with a finger to answer messages quickly. A double click on messages, Smileys sends and there are funny stickers and full screen animations (confetti).

More colors for dials: watchOS 3 get new color options for the the Apple Watch dials. Also you can change very quickly.

The new operating system will be available to download for your Apple Watch on September 13. Apple’s Apple Watch series introduction of the new 2 will work directly with watchOS 3 delivered.