Apple Watch Will Cost Up To 135,000 R$ in Brazil

According to information published on the website of Apple Brazil, the Watch will cost up to 135,000 R$ in Brazil. The simple version—called Sport—should be with the price set at 2900 R$. Launched in various countries at the end of last year, there is still no date for the smart clock reach the Country.

The Apple Watch Sport—the most basic one of the giant technological watches—will come with 38 mm screen and will be made of aluminum. The price should be in R$ 2,900 at getzipcodes. The 42 mm model, however, must be sold by 3,300 R$. It will still be possible to find various colour options for the bracelets. The same device, in the United States, costs $350 (R$ 1390, in a direct conversion).

Already the intermediate version—called simply Apple Watch— s made of stainless steel and will begin to be sold by 4,600, white strap R$ and 38 mm screen. The most expensive model, on the other hand, will cost R$ 9,099. The differential of this is it will be available in gray and can come with a link bracelet.

Apple still provide versions of extremely high value. The Apple Watch Edition of 38 mm and white sports bracelet comes with a box in pink gold and will cost R$ 95000. This is the simplest of luxury watches.

The Apple Watch Edition in rose gold and bracelet with rose gold accents is the champion. The clock is expected to cost less than 135,000 R$.