Apple Working on Getting Apple Pay to Europe

Apple works feverishly to bring Apple Pay to Europe and Asia in its goal of covering all of the important countries with payment solution.

Apple Working on Getting Apple Pay to Europe

It is a year and a half, since Apple’s mobile payments solution for easy on-the-go, Apple Pay, was unveiled and launched in the United States. Slowly, but surely, the American technology company released Apple Pay in new countries such as the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and China.

However, there is not yet any information about whether iPhone owners in the rest of Europe and Denmark can look forward to Apple Pay-until now.

In an interview with TechCrunch has Apple’s Director within Apple Pay, Jennifer Bailey, namely revealed that Apple is in full swing with getting Apple Pay for the whole of Europe and Asia in an attempt to get archrival, Google, pre-empt, which only now has gotten her identical Android Pay solution brought to the United Kingdom.

“We are working rapidly in Asia and also in Europe. Our goal is to have Apple Pay in any significant market, “ according to her.
There are several indications that Apple Pay is on its way to Hong Kong, Spain and Brazil this year, but which countries Apple then expands to, she will not show. On the other hand, she tells what Apple has in mind when it selected new areas with Apple Pay.

“We look first at the size of the market for Apple products. We are also looking at market penetration for credit and debit cards as well as coverage of existing contactless payment. Apple Pay will grow, even when we bring it to the market, where there is not a lot of contactless payment. It (contactless payment, eds.) was at 4% in the United States, but is now at 20%. We are also working together with our network partners, where we can make use of the integration with Amex and Visa and come onto the market quickly. “