Are You Looking for Samsung Galaxy Alpha?

Today has been made official. Finally Samsung presented which seemed unattainable phone not built entirely in plastic materials, which both have been calling him some company for years, also with a smaller screen.

Samsung Galaxy Alpha arrives with some general numbers that move at the same phone franchise of the year, although it is true that we have some concessions due to size, and also, to the thickness. Let’s go to see what answer this phone and for whom is addressed.

Samsung Galaxy Alpha, filling a void

Galaxy Alpha arrives as the first Korean brand phone focused on the design of it. Or at least, it breaks with the bad reception in the design line premiered with the S5 Galaxy.

We could say that it is the first phone to enter the ring opened by Sony with its Xperia Z1 Compact, high-performance diagonals that do not escape above five inches, which will repeat with the Z3 Compact, and movement that aimed to be one of the coolest phones of the year.

While many already are running it from a more focused smartphone towards the medium-high range for some of its features, we will give a review to these to see where you are, because it’s a phone with a few buts.

Reduce the size involves compromises, and here are the righteous

What we find is a 4.7 inch, a diagonal that we found ourselves in all the franchise just two years ago. We found here, look no further than the Nexus 4, Optimus G, HTC One X or the Galaxy S3 (the latter in 4.8 “). Since the screens have been growing, probably magnetic phablet, more diffuse phenomenon, to the point that the most recent high ranges already landing on diagonals of a 5.5 inch. Here we find the G3, the OnePlus One, or even the Vibe Z2 Pro Lenovo being 6 inches.

This leaves enough alone to phones more content, but that are still committed to maintain the thickness of more ambitious models of reference specifications. As I said, Z1 Compact is only here, next to the iPhone, because mini lines of different manufacturers have dedicated themselves to leech some of brand image, reducing not only dimensions. Included, not to mention head, Samsung.

Here come with a screen SuperAmoled in HD, with 312 pixels per inch, although we are many held at the same time of the 326 that few have complaints so far. True it is also that the quality of manufactured by Samsung Amoled screens has greatly improved in the last year, from mediocre in some aspects to outstanding in almost all, even as they dare to stretch them to the large formats such as the Galaxy Tab S. With the margin of doubt, because we still had the opportunity to try it, no one expects here turn to 2012 in terms of screen.


Another of their possible buts is in engine performance. Samsung leaves aside the reference right now on processors, which comes from the hand of Qualcomm and its Snapdragon 805. Either one goes up to the 3 GB of RAM, but it stays in two. Although this does not seem to pose a major impediment to terminals that do have them. Samsung bets on a solution of own manufacture, an Exynos with heart of eight cores. There are four Cortex-A15 to 1. 8 GHz, four Cortex-A7 to 1. 3 GHz, for tasks of high and low performance respectively, but with independent operation: the A7 are assigned to tasks of few requirements, at any time and can be operated simultaneously at the A15.

This Exynos has built-in LTE, which come probably given by an Intel chip, and which provides LTE-Advanced Cat.6 with theoretical limits of 300/50 Mbps. speeds down to just be rubbing in South Korea, Here the worrisome point is compatibility with the bands and their efficiency, more than these figures, and remains to be seen.

The last important point is a compound between the two previous buts and their physical dimensions. With 115 grams of weight and only 6.7 mm. The result is a battery that stays on the 1,860 mAh, rather small if we put the face of the environment of the 3,000 that Mount phones with which we mentioned with larger screens.


While we wait to see the first data of its autonomy with the Exynos, two good points totaling by the display: the size and resolution of this or possible optimizations that Samsung has been able to do at this time. No doubt the of weight is the resolution. A very sharp screen out face in terms of autonomy, LG knows this and criticism for his Quad HD are not being few in your G3, losing the status of inexhaustible that retained the G2.

So are pending this final screen quality (data as if it is PenTile or they are not relevant in the end); or autonomy that Samsung manages to scratch with this device and the optimization can be achieved with those nuclei of low consumption and its Ultra Power Saving mode.

Lime and sand storage. On one side of the scale we have the 32 GB of internal memory of base; to another, the lack of slot micro SD so typical in Samsung. Little more missing, in addition to this water resistance that you forget in this Alpha, which features connectivity WiFi 802. 11ac MiMo (2 x 2), LE Bluetooth, NFC chip, fingerprint or the pulse sensor. Cameras, 12 and 2.1 megapixels, forget to mention Isocell technology which allowed the S5 Galaxy capture by three tenths of a second.

For whom is this Galaxy Alpha

Samsung has broken some of its basic lines in terms of design in recent years with this Galaxy Alpha. Lost the SD slot and the chrome-plated plastic frames, is the last feature which is giving more than talk.

A metal frame with removable rear that holds in plastic, reminds us quite a a design wise and without many excesses that one day we saw in the Galaxy S2 and lost with the Galaxy S3.

But quickly comes to head the iPhone, those beveled frames or that specific bias. Even the commercials that appear.

It is no secret that the Koreans are behind many faithful can scratch the brand of cupertino. Every year repeating the commercials that do not leave too much room for doubt.

Although we do not have the Snapdragon 805, a full HD screen, or to reach the 3 GB of RAM, and always waiting to try this phone, I Yes, I would say that we are facing a high range that fit in the Palm of your hand.

By first data, it appears that Samsung bet also to compete in priceWhat is puzzling is the feeling of balloon catheter Samsung leaves in the environment. With a presentation so shy and widespread, a few weeks after one of the most important fairs of the year, where they will show us the next Note (and more taking into account that it’s a brand new).

In short, we are facing a phone that points to behave as the best for those who are not usually worry about both the specific technical characteristics fate of the general functioning of this or the sensations in hand. Now try it.