AudioPro AddOn T20 in the Test

AudioPro elicits a balanced sound with tight bass, warm ups and high volume of the slender columns of the active stereo pair.

Since 1978, AudioPro developed intelligent active loudspeakers, connected with the aim to elicit a strong bass rendition as small enclosures. Also AddOn T20, a pair of very slim Floorstander in column format, available in fine Matt finish in white or black is aimed in this direction.

The music is transmitted via Bluetooth 4.0. This protects the cell phone battery; with suitably equipped Smartphones also aptX encoding for better sound is possible in addition to the standard – SBC. Three additional connectable sources a full-fledged plant can be AddOn T20 realized with, which can be operated via remote control supplied, noble in the aluminium finish.

All Electronics-port is located in the left box; a cable to the right passive box must be thus. Class D digital amplifier delivers 60 watts twice and drives two 11.5 cm bass drivers. The housings are designed as a bass reflex systems. As tweeter works ever a textile dome with a diameter of 2.5 cm.

This tweeter helps the AddOn T20 to a fairly wide dispersion. Via the remote control the sound in treble and bass to about five decibels can raise or lower, which still simplifies the anyway hassle-free installation on the wall distance.

A pleasant, round sound

In the listening test, the AudioPro speaker produced a virtually unobtrusive, balanced sound and were never a nuisance even after longer listening sessions. This is true in particular for the MIDs and highs, but without losing the good fine detail and picture sharpness. In addition a firmer and still fairly deep bass, which also contributes to the round sound of T20.