Aukey 4-Port USB 3.0 Hub Portable Aluminum Hub

As you know, I love working mobile. We therefore have to equip themselves properly to not miss anything: long battery life computer, music, camera and various accessories. All must also be compact and lightweight to make the mobile experience smooth and enjoyable. When I am at home blogging, my Surface Book is connected to the Dock Surface. It contains 4 ports USB 3.0, which increases greatly the connectivity of the laptop. Here, on the road, I have only 2 ports of the laptop but as 1 of the 2 ports is constantly solicited by the dongle wireless of my mouse Logitech MX Master, I soon find myself limited. The solution is to get a USB hub, something I did by acquiring the Aukey CB – H5, 3.0 to 4 ports USB hub all in aluminium.

Aukey CB-H5, Hub USB 3.0 design, lightweight and functional

Aukey CB-H5 packaging is made of recycled cardboard, the firm even took the care to add a message on the packaging (go green with Aukey), which is responsible. The contents of the package is composed of the USB 3.0 Hub, a USB cable 3.0 to USB 3.0 about 1 meter, the instructions of use and the instructions for registration of the product on their website (it prolongs the product warranty).

The USB 3.0 hub is designed by Healthinclude with aluminum, very aesthetic. It is ‘ a 2 white rubber under the hub to adhere to any surface. The first grip I was surprised by the lightness of the hub, which is a very good thing for mobility. Placed next to my Surface Book, it is in perfect visual harmony. The USB 3.0 to USB 3.0 provided is to a length of 1 meter. Also of white color, Aukey made a point of honor to the aesthetic details. The length is a good balance for a sedentary use (placed on a desk) and displacement (long enough for any establishment).

My Surface Book has 2 USB 3.0 ports. As I said earlier ‘there are q’ one that is available, the second being used constantly by my mouse. But one port is often insufficient. If I want to transfer data from a USB key to another key, 2 solutions are possible: unplug my mouse and plug the 2 keys at the same time, or plug one key, put the data on my computer, remove key and then plug the other key and add the data on it. In 2 cases it is a tedious process if you need speed and efficiency. This is the USB hub becomes very convenient. With cell phones today that become more and more light and thin, the ports are less numerous and it requires of accessories to tackle this problem.

The hub Aukey CB-H5 is powered and works by the single USB 3.0 cable simply connect to his computer. My first test was to connect 4 USB keys. From plugging the 4 keys have been recognized and they have been displayed on the desktop of Windows 10.

Speed tests

I did 2 tests to verify the timeliness of the hub Aukey. On a Sandisk Extreme Pro 64 GBFlash, I first transferred a 7 GB file from the Aukey hub to the hard disk of the computer, then I ran the same test from the USB port on the computer to the hard drive of it. The result was the same, the file has been transferred at a speed of about 150 mb/s constant.

Of course if you use several USB ports on the hub simultaneously reading and writing speed will be slower, it’s also what happens on any hard drive or SSD.

In the end I am very satisfied of the hub Aukey CB – H5, it is a small very practical and functional object for a photographer like me who moves around a lot and works everywhere (cafes, libraries, parks etc…). It is more light and aesthetics, what to keep his style and complete his backpack “Mac Gyver”

You can purchase all products of Aukey via their Amazon store.

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