Aukey Products Review

To be with you in complete transparency, Aukey offered their products – and, of course, to discover.

You know, I’m not going to limit myself to a simple presentation, but will rather see how it can be used for a photographer… or not.

First phase, screening products.

I therefore wondered what might interest a photographer at the beginning of summer and chose a few products in their amazon store.

This is the program:

  • When I try a shoot outdoors, I’m quite happy to have the battery for my mobile-that I use GPS or for making photos of backstage and tracking – and for my tablet-to see pictures and more great in front of a glass or for tethering. An external battery is a first product to watch
  • Always on the outside,a little music can put a little atmosphere, whether during a make-up either during the shooting… or with a drink at the end of shooting (they come back)
  • with this proliferation of equipment,a charger that takes the road to charge several devices at the same time is welcome.Minimum 4 taken so: mobile, Tablet, pregnant, battery.
  • and when you come back, the first thing to do is to unload the memory cards. As my USB Sockets were not necessarily easy to use (I have a dock on which I put my laptop), a USB Hub can make the difference.

So, I selected… 5 products. Rest assured I can still count, I simply proposed to test 2 speakers with a price that goes to the single or double story to spare your wallet

Aukey 16000mAh (PB – T3) battery test

This battery is compatible with the quickcharge Qualcomm 2.0 system which is perfectly fine since I own, if you have followed everything, a LG G4.

The battery is supplied with a short cable, Aukey advocated for this feature. The battery is rather imposing: the width of the LG G4 and a good centimetre more in length for a thickness of more than a centimetre. Well, you not necessarily, here’s dimensions: 165x73x18.8 mm. Side weight, view the capacity, should not expect a lightweight: 340 grams is exceeded. No wonder, but namely if count you wear all day with all your photo gear…

On the data sheet you see so 16000mAh that didn’t really make sense without a voltage if we want to talk about voltage. Here it is for the 3.7V. What is a power of 59.2Wh. Yes you know, your memories of school P = UI.

So, if you want to know how much to charge you can make your devices, need you the voltage of your battery.Small picture with mine, it’s the 3000mAh@3.85V, so I have in theory 59.2/3.85=15376 equivalent mAh… Remove 10% of losses when charging (heat, etc.), say 13840 mAH… we approach the 4.5 full charges!

Pass theory  in fact, I gives a boost late in the day for 5 days, up 10% to 80 / 90%: the charging light is still on ‘green’, so between 20 and 60 percent of capacity (not very accurate this system)  )

As you can see from the data sheet, there are 2 ports of load: a certified Qualcomm quickcharge 2.0 and the ‘just’ another AiPower Aukey technology. Using the quick charge port, it goes fast, very fast. Besides the LG G4 shows clearly “fast loading”… I never had to leave the unit plugged more than 40 minutes!

Certainly it is rather impressive, but it is the best battery I could get their hands! Note that model PB – T3 Aukey exists in 2 versions, a 15Ah and the other 16Ah. You’ll find from Amazon less than €25 by following this link.

Test of Aukey SK – M4 and M7 – SK bluetooth speakers

These two speakers have in common to be “splash-proof”, not waterproof but that can withstand water. ” I’ll let you watch on Youtube what some do to them. Short it will easily withstand a storm as washed we know them here from August. Besides we can read on the data sheet of the SK- M4 one that seems to be the more cut out for adventure a clue IPX4 (protected against splash water from all directions)

Both have a small microphone to allow to be used as a hands-free phone.

The speaker Aukey SK – M4 in detail

This Chamber has a peculiar form, in the image of a truck wheel.

It comes with a simili-similicuir strap, a usb cable for charging and a jack-jack cable for use with a device not bluetooth.

Side branch, under a rubber cover that ensures water resistance, there are obviously what cable USB and the Jack…

And the sound in all of this? When you see the price that goes beyond just € 15, should not expect to add sound to the stage of France. On the other hand, ‘personal’ use or inside in a noisy little, it’s quite decent. It’s not stereo either but this will advantageously replace the sound from the speaker of a smartphone. Moreover, because the speaker has a microphone, that’ll be a rather compact hands-free kit…

The SK – M7 Aukey enclosure retail

This place has a much more compact and more classic format. We got this time 3 speakers and a 2 to 3 times more powerful battery. For the price, same fight, it is almost double of the M4 as she is around € 28.

The packaging is close, there will be just one more carabiner: rather nice to hang it in his camera bag! The buttons are much more practical and readable than the M4.

His side, we’re a notch above, whether in terms of power – this is playable outside for a photo shoot-in terms of quality with a difference that even my novice ear hears.

Test the charger USB Aukey PA-U33

With all this stuff that loads USB, a taken multi charger is almost a requirement. Model PA-U33 offers 5 ports with the technology owner of Aukey. This is done largely work by plugging the 5 equipment (can pull 10 A on this charger!). and on sale less than € 19 to where I write these lines, it’s really a charger that will make me save time.

Test the USB Hub 3 Aukey 7 ports 727RK

I’m finishing this tour d’horizon of Aukey products by a USB 3, a hub 7 ports that comes with its own power supply

The interest of this type of product is multiple, especially if your photo editing computer is a laptop. This will of course use to quickly unload several memory cards at the same time and let you the time to drink a coffee, but it will also allow you to plug more than one USB cable when you arrive at your office.

In my installation, I is the updated residence my probe calibration screen (who also enjoys a more stable power supply), the dongle for my keyboard and mouse combo and an external drive. Which still leaves me room for card readers.