Avoid Becoming A Victim Of Fake Emails From Apple App Store

Many Apple users have received an email which are scams! Avoid becoming a victim of it. Today we write about it called “phishing”.

What is “phishing”?

Beware of your private information

“Phishing” (based on internetdict) describes digital fishing for sensitive information as password or credit card number. “Phishing” is in rapid development, and we must always be careful, as the ones behind “phishing” still developing new methods and tools.

How to reveal you fake emails

A fresh example of “phishing” is a new fraud method: fake emails from Apple App Store.
Many Apple users got an email, where it is alleged that some app has been bought in app store the App Store from a device that has not been attached to your Apple account. Therefore, they will be asked to follow a link, either to change the password, or to get your money back or cancel the payment.

If you get such an email, so reports like the case to Apple.

When it comes to the latest fake mails from Apple App Store, one can recognize that it is fraud, thanks to these characteristics:

Fake mails doesn’t look like genuine mails (be careful, as scammers is coming anyway, so a fake mail can look like a genuine mail from Apple)
Fake mails are in English (For Danish customers wont Apple to send mails on Danish)
Fake mails mentions (usually) not your name (be careful because a false email can mention your name or personal information as fraudsters have been able to get hold of)
The links in the fake emails leading you on to neta dresser that is not Apple’s Oak, although they look like. (Remember that Apple pages located under the domain apple.com)

It is always best to be enormously careful, and do not provide personal account information on … Better safe than sorry, as you say:)