Back to the Future

In appearance, it is a black blueprint of Mototorolas classic mobile Razr. Design wise, it is a flashback to Motorola’s foldable success. But the new Razr V3xx is also sold as the first future cell phone with turbo 3 g. By Linus Brohult

By the operator Tres mobiles with turbo-3 g was the V3xx that reached the stores first. Motorola has often been early with new technology in mobile history. They were the first gprs (classic Motorola Timeport) and early adopter with 3 g (lump thud Motorola A830).

What does turbo 3 g in this phone? Actually not so much as one could have hoped. V3xx is first and foremost a stylish cell phone, with the quality feel of the metal shell.

This is, after all, what attracts many to the Motorola Razr phones. And the sleek form with a stylish finish feels just right. As long as you stick to the shape. What Motorola want this phone signal is probably the combination of successful design and technically remain at the leading edge.

There are a lot of features on your phone that also takes advantage of the high-speed internet connection. There is a Web browser that can be used for both mobile and standard Web pages. But it does not display the regular Web pages. There is also an email application on your phone that are approved but not more. Weakness compared to smarter mobiles are also e-mail programs and Web browsers cannot work in the background. You have to sit and wait while Web page loads or the email is downloaded. And you can’t switch over to check a Web page or a text message when you reply to an email.

The fact is that there is a lot in this phone’s menus that feels a little out of date, not just the email application. And 1.3-megapixel camera also feels a little too mediocre for a phone in this class.

But when it comes to multimedia features Motorola really jerked up out. The new feature “Media Finder” sorts nicely music, pictures and videos in different folders. The music player itself has become much better. Just as with competitors ‘ music phones are sorted the songs in artists, albums, and playlists. Even a sorting genres such as jazz or pop in your phone. It is fairly easy to create a playlist on your phone.

When the music is going and I fold your phone appears in the outer small screen what music is played and it can be controlled by external buttons. It is also possible in the music player is easy to choose to switch the audio to wireless bluetooth headphones.

The music is also a function where turbo-3 g can be useful, for fans to purchase music in the carrier’s music store for example. The download is up to ten times faster than with ordinary 3 g.

Otherwise, the pairing with the laptop it feels really good in terms of turbo 3 g with this cell phone. Motorola Phone Tools included on cd, and after I installed the program required just a few clicks I had paired the computer and the phone via bluetooth, admirably simple. Those who prefer to use the included usb cable can do it.

The good thing about the program is that it only takes one click and then hook up your computer using turbo 3 g to the internet. It is extremely simple. Motorola Phone Tools can also be used to transfer music, photos and videos between your phone and your PC.

On the whole it feels here as a fully approved the first attempt with a turbo-3 g mobile. Motorola has corrected some bugs and flaws from earlier models. However, there is still some bizarre situations in Motorola menus, such as when to write the number to the recipient of a text (one must first go into a submenu and choose “enter number”).

But with this great-looking skin and the flexible format is still an exciting mobile V3xx lure buyers. And even if the features of turbo-3 g is not so many contributing the Turbo to this handset overall feels more than approved.

Before you buy

V3xx is small, sleek and smooth. It is not best for 3 g services, because the Web browser is half decent and your e-mail program. But the combination of high-speed internet, approved features and good computer Association gives nevertheless a clear pass.


Nokia N73 has better software for the mobile internet, but do not support turbo-3 g. Motorola V6 Maxx, on the other hand, turbo 3 g, and better camera than the V3xx. You really want a full-fledged turbo-3 g-mobile, on the other hand, can wait for the Nokia N95, but it will also cost a couple hundred dollars more.


Telephony and data8


System and program5


Performance and minne8



Turbo-3 g

Convenient format

Quality materials

Computer connection


Half decent camera

No perfect internet application

Fact box

Type: triband (GSM 900/1800/1900) and 3 g with hsdpa

Weight: 107 g

Dimensions: 103 x 53 x 15 mm

Talk time: 2 hours 24 min (Video call 1 hour 39 minutes)

Standby time: 250 hours

WAP: Wap 2.0

Internet and data features: Hsdpa 3.6 Mbps, email, Web browser, bluetooth 1.2 with stereo audio (A2DP), SyncML

Connection to pc/mac: miniUSB or bluetooth with Motorola Phone Tools

Memory: 64 MB plus space for memory card (micro-SD/Transflash)

Voice control: Yes voice dialing

Ringtones: Polyphonic and mp3 ringtones

Phone book: up to 1000 entries with the names, nicknames, multiple numbers, multiple postal addresses, e-mail addresses, home page, photo, birth date, and Notes fields.

Screen: TFT screen with 240 x 320 pixels, 262000 colors

Game: comes with a Java game, go to load more

Camera: 1.3-megapixel camera as well as a simpler camera for video calls

Other features: Java support, iTap, mms, email, calendar, media players, memory card Micro SD/Transflash, alarm clock, calculator, video call, flightmode

Accessories: stereo handsfree and charger included. Can be purchased at: Wireless hands-free (bluetooth), wireless stereo headset (bluetooth), ciggladdare, memory cards with different capacities.

Socket for external antenna: no