Bad news: Android Malware Infected Millions of Smartphones

Million downloads

Security software provider lookout reports on his blog, to have found lots of malware in Google’s play store: 32 applications by four developers accounts were affected by the new family of malware, called the lookout BadNews. These are bad news for the two to nine million users who downloaded the infected programs play-store according to statistics. Google took the lookout reported apps from the online store. Acute danger so not more.

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So the malware on the phone comes

Because Google strictly controlled the apps play store and checked whether they contain malicious code, the developer of BadNews chose a different path: the malware on the phones of unsuspecting users to funnel, they have a a fake advertising network created , about the malicious software afterwards on the device ends up.

Can BadNews

Lookout according to can BadNews display fake messages and persuade users to install apps and get other types of malware on the phone. The malware reads out sensitive information such as the phone number and the device number and transmits it to a command & control servers (C & C). The infected applications are designed to defraud users via Premium SMS. About half of the affected apps is in Russian, so probably focuses on mother Russia and the adjacent States.

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Ernst to Development

Lookout BadNews is classified as a serious development in the evolution of mobile malware, this malware family has reached a very wide spread, was using a server , to postpone malicious behavior. Due to this realization, the security software provider calls developers to be very attentive when they incorporate third-party libraries into their apps. Lookout points out that a continuous review process of already installed software is necessary to detect this kind of malware and combat.

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should note that now

If you suspect your phone to have installed apps with BadNews, careful to allow only the installation of content from trusted sources on the device: go you must be set no green check to settings and security at the item of unknown sources. In this way, it is more difficult to load malicious code for the apps. Lookout is recommended to download a mobile security app that continuously checks the State of their smartphones.