Battle of the Smart Watches

The tech from the Apple Watch dreams for months. But suddenly is back – pebble and seems better equipped for the future of mobile computers on the wrist as their allies.

Actually I had already written off the Pebble. This but considered the originator of the wearables. Once the creators on Kickstarter collected gigantic 10.3 million dollars and met the spirit of the times with the mini computer at the wrist. Many manufacturers of smartphones and tablets were suspicious and after. Sony has already the third generation of its Smartwatch in the market, Samsung offers independent models even from your Smartphone – and Apple brings its Apple Watch on the market from April. In short, The pioneer of modern digital clocks was overtaken even loose links. At least it seemed so.

But right now, the “time” before the Mobile World Congress, and before the launch of Apple fans awaited the Smartwatch from Cupertino Pebble presents. You can read all specs in detail in our overview piece, therefore it should not go at this point. And you can argue about the show not just look of the watch. What makes the clock, is the newly created user interface. More precisely, The makers missed a completely new operating system clock.

Pebble thinks the operation new

The new “timeline”interface should be available also to the first pebble and Pebble Steel and queues the notifications of the apps in a timeline: past, present and future. For example the result of football in the past appears when the game is over. You will get your current fitness stats displayed in the here and now – the weather forecast is a look into the future, of course. Just like the dates that lie before you.

What is the difference from other Smartwatches on the market? The approach: For Apple about the Smartwatch is a logical extension of an ecosystem of millions of apps and iPhones. In short: The Apple Watch is a fashion accessory. The same is true for other Smartwatches on the market. While Apple, Samsung and co. challenged are compatible to make Smartphone features and apps with the watch on the wrist, the makers of the Pebble the question arise: how control is a function of the watch on the wrist do? For comparison, without iPhone the Apple Watch practically not as smart clock can be used. Wear of Android, Google’s Android derivative for wearables, is designed to interact with the Smartphone.

What we carry in the future on the wrist?

“I think it would be a disservice to the world, and from this to say that there would be only two Smartphone operating systems as a result only two operating systems for Smartwatches”, cited The Verge Pebble-CEO Eric Migicovsky. He could be so right. Actually by 2015 but strongly reminiscent of 2007, when the dawn of the Smartphone era, many with the release of the first iPhone, and thought: what is to come now? A paradigm shift went hand in hand with the rapid success of Apple’s iPhone and the triumph of Android. Windows, for years the most successful by far OS for computers, didn’t suddenly matter. Even if Microsoft of’s CEO, Steve Ballmer, that didn’t want to have it.

A similar paradigm also now facing us. Android wear, Apple’s continuity features with the Apple Watch and also pebbles timeline are not more than a bet on the future. The Smartwatch era the Pebble has only just begun, climbed the second step of the evolution.

What comes after the Pebble?

And even if the new pebble in comparison to the main Apple Watch hardly a piece of jewelry at the wrist is good, so far no other company seems so focused on it to take the Smartwatches and wearables in General on this – next level and completely waive exclusive allegiances to Android, iOS, or Windows phone. Makes possible the a Web API, about companies that must feed watch only with the raw data – the software of the clock does the rest. That is not only for the users, but also for the developers who bring to life the eco-system.

What can Smartwatches in eight years? Probably they will have completely replaced smartphones. Similarly, it would be conceivable that Pebble brings not only watches on the market in the future. The company wrote the story with the Pebble. Also the new “time” will be a success, we could have to do it here with the next big player in the wearable segment. You can find out beginning next week in one of what the latest litter of the watchmaker is actually good hands-on of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.