Become a Football-EM Ready with Your Phone [TIP]

The countdown has started for Europe’s biggest sporting event in a League of its own. Get a better EM with these apps to your phone.

The year’s biggest European tournament kicked in again soon. The 10. June goes it loose when France put turf for a field of 24 football Nations.

With 8 extra teams in pots, and almost twice as many matches to look forward to, will be Euro 2016, the largest European Championship in football.

There’s not going to be missing with matches, therefore, can the phone be a useful Assistant when there must be kept track of teams, results and news until the next battle.

In order for you to get the best out of this year’s European Championships, get you hence our site bid on the best apps for the soccer happy.

UEFA Euro 2016

UEFA official app is better than ever this year. The app is designed in accordance with the requirements and contains rich opportunities to follow both matches, teams, players and posts at this year’s EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIP.

While you are waiting for the fighting, you can pass the time by piecing together your dream team.

Click here to download the app for Android or iOS.


You will need to be kept updated in real time, this app is indispensable. Here you can follow your favorite teams at Club or national team level and kept regularly informed about news holdsopstillinger, scores, maps and much more.

More matches covered live, with both text and commentary, so you never misses either the start of the event, targets, maps and other important updates.

The many information is at the same time simple to sort in, thanks to the app’s simple architecture and minimalist design.

Fotmob is available for both Android and iOS, and can be downloaded on


365 Scores

You missed a target or a slow version? So is the app 365 scores saved. You can follow your favorite players, like those in Fotmob or team, but should you miss em important scoring you can see or revisit, action five minutes later on a 365 scores mang video channels.

at the same time provides an elaborate Score 365 overview of which TV channels showing which matches.

The app also provides live updates on a multitude of other sports, so should you feel like anything other than football, you can search divers there.

You can download the app for Android or iOS here.

New Star Soccer

There is a long time for the next interesting matches, you may want to pass the time with the game’s New Star Soccer ‘.

The game is a simple arcade game in which the aim is to score as many goals. The game will be of course more difficult as it progresses, with more and more obstacles between you and the target.

The game’s career mode, however, is where one can get really bitten. Here you have to ever score goals, but the winnings can be invested in new skills, better equipment or fellow players.
New Star Soccer is free, but contains in-app purchases and advertising.

You can download the game for iOS or Android here.