Best Gigabit Ethernet Hub

A Hub USB 3.0 Aukey, which proposes to transform a classic 3 Sockets grip while adding a Gigabit Ethernet port to your minimachine. A solution to €15.99 which will allow to find a decent connection on some ultraportables, PC hybrids or MiniPC.

9.5 cm long for 4.2 cm wide and 2.33 cm thick. This USB 3.0 Aukey hub allows you to add a bit of connectivity to a PC in lack of ports. a solution double use according to your needs.

First use, the most logical, spend € 16 required to compensate for the lack of connectivity of your hardware. If you look at the latest ultraportables machines, you will find that they offer only little connection. The fault of designs more purposes which can no longer position single port USB full format in sufficient numbers. The use of an adapter allowing to find 3 ports USB 3.0 hub at PhoneJust and a Gigabit Ethernet port can be very useful.

Second use, the most common leave connect on a such USB adapter your sedentary devices no longer have that to connect the adapter to your PC back to your office. Even if your phone has more connections, with a single USB 3.0 cable a plug, the device avoids having too much manipulation to do. You find yourself in a single gesture a connection to a fast Ethernet network, a connection to a USB printer/scanner and the possibility for example of connecting a USB, external keyboard or other.