Bike Citizens Finn in the Practice Test

Finn by bike citizens is a simple silicone holder which can be mounted the cell phone on the handlebars of his bicycle. We have tested how works the bike mount in practice.

Bike citizens Finn

  • Mounting/fixation: 4 out of 5
  • Readability: 5 of 5 points
  • Protective function: 2 of 5 points
  • Rating: 4 out of 5 points

The bike mount Finn from the Austrian manufacturer of bike citizens is a specially shaped piece of Silicon that it wraps around the handlebar. Is the cell phone is then clamped. The Smartphone is on the one hand through the silicone pad on the handlebars, cushioned and on the other hand secured by straps at all four corners. See how to install Finn, also in the video below.

The construction is quite windy at first glance. But in the test we could convince us that the fixation is absolutely safe. Even with somewhat rougher mountain bike downhill, the Smartphone bombproof sat in the bracket. For such operations, you should pack the Smartphone yet in addition in a cover. Only so you can protect it also from any falls or scratches through contact with bushes.

Bike citizens Finn has a stretch of 400% as stated by the manufacturer and thus universal fit for all types of Smartphone. Even compact Phablets the size of an iPhone 6 plus let so strap is. The bracket is ideal but for Smartphone sizes a la Galaxy S5/6 or iPhone 5/6 measure.

In the online shop by bike citizens there is the bike mount Finn at the price of 15 euro. There is a Navi voucher of €4.99 for the Bike Citizens App.

Bike citizens app

The bike citizens app offers a route planner for cyclists in cities and metropolitan areas. The makers use knowledge of bicycle couriers and other professional cyclists – with amazing bike-friendly results. The app knows shared one-way streets and lots of legal shortcuts.

According to its own requirements, you can choose faster or more intimate route to the destination. This avoids the Navi busy main roads and preferred paths and side roads.

Navigation packages are available for individual cities as in-app-purchase a 4.99 Euro. The app is currently available for over 180 cities in 34 countries. When purchasing a Finn bike mount, there is a city free. The app is available for iOS and Android.