Blackberry Already Know That If They Do Not Sell Phones, Touch Change Strategy

In the end money rules, and if the account team expectations are not met there to change. BlackBerry It takes a while stumbling, trying different things in the market and still does not give the exact key that take them to recover the position they had years ago, when this smart phone began to Jell in the market.

In an interview with Bloomberg, the CEO of the company John Chen lets clear things by ensuring that There is a possibility that BlackBerry stops making phones, If they are not profitable. In its latest financial results sales of phones produced 40% of the profits of the company amounting to 658 million dollars, while the rest are profit driven by the sale of software and services to other companies.

The line of business that looks more profitable for BlackBerry is precisely that of software and services, where the company is positioning itself as a leader in security related to mobile devices thanks to some purchases in recent months. In the words of Chen are the phones ‘high-end’ as Passport which may provide benefits to the company, and not the cheap phones as Leap for emerging markets that have to confront an amalgam of Chinese and Indian competitors very fierce.

While we know some of the plans for the future of BlackBerry, the the smartphone market exit door is open and Chen even proposed some alternatives: allying with other manufacturers specialized in security, as for example they did with that agreement with Boeing to create Black. BlackBerry would focus on software and services, leaving others to create terminals and put all the hardware.

Of course, the decision is not taken and, as we say, some recent leaks to ensure that BlackBerry will continue in the smartphone market at least in the short term. Within a few months or years, that will surprise no one if BlackBerry ends up being a company focused on software and security.